Why Don’t Americans Believe The Truth?

It should now be obvious to everyone, even Liberals, that Obama does not give a flying banana about the American people. How could anyone believe that he truly cares about people after his pathetic speech he gave on TV the other day? Telling people to go to the web-site to sign-up for Obama-Care when he knows the damn think does not work is truly pathetic.

How can he say he cares when;

  1. The web-site is nowhere near ready.
  2. People cannot make payments
  3. Insurance companies cannot receive applications
  4. And the biggest one of all is that the web-site is a hackers delight.

Putting people in harm’s way is not what a President is supposed to be doing, if he truly cared about the American people he would shut the damn thing down and open it back up when it is 100% ready. It should also be clear after that speech that Obama cares about only one thing, his ego.

But it wasn’t only about health-care, he also lied about the economy and the job market, now there is a report that the unemployment numbers were fudged two months before the election, in Obama’s favor I might add. So why do the American people choose lies over truth, because we as human beings, believe what sounds better to us, it is what we want to believe. There is no doubt that Obama got elected because of the many low information voters that are out there, people who care more about the sizzle rather than looking at the steak.

Well, we now know the truth about the 2012 election, everything Obama said was a lie and everything the Republicans said was the truth. Everything about Obama-Care that the Republicans said would happen, we find now is true, while we now see that Obama lied through his teeth. Everything that came out of Obama’s mouth from not letting Detroit go bankrupt, to keeping your doctor and your health plan was a lie and he knew it.

An ABC/Washington Post poll found that if they had a do-over, Romney would win 49 percent to 45 percent. The difference is within the margin of error of 3.5 percentage points, but Obama polls a lower percentage of the vote today than he did in November 2012. The largest number of defections were among female voters ages 18-54, 31 percent of whom said they would not have supported the president.

Many years ago I was a car salesman, a new guy came on the sales floor and started selling cars left and right, and soon became the top salesman. Management loved him and he received many awards month after month, when after about 9 months we found out why. Customers started coming back to the dealership complaining that what the salesman told them about the car was not true, also complaining that the free stuff they were supposed to get, they did not get. It seems the reason he was the top salesman all that time is because he lied through his teeth and told every customer what they wanted to hear and then some.

It seems to me that we have a President with the same philosophy, tell the people what they want to hear, even if you have to lie. The only difference is that the salesman eventually got fired, unfortunately, we can’t fire Obama, we had the chance in 2012, but people still believed his bullshit. Were all these lies an impeachable offence? Maybe, we will have to wait and see. It seems that only Congressman Joe Wilson knew the truth about Obama, he tried to warn us, but we did not listen.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. It’s difficult to recognize what you have no knowledge of…as evidenced by those that didn’t spend time getting acquainted with this (*%#@ bill BEFORE voting for it….then there’s “we the people” that are represented by those that are blind & grab the first hand that offers dependency and a large number of “Summer Soldiers” and “Sunshine Patriots” (Thomas Paine) that shrink from service or action. It is not my intent to disparage those that did take time to read, write letters & phone calls…to those that wrote ‘just one more letter’ and all who took a stand…I am grateful…& encouraged.

    This morning I saw a sliver of pink from the sun, struggling to break through the ice filled clouds in SW Texas…It’s slowly making progress and there is HOPE that the temperature will rise above freezing

    Just as there is HOPE for our Nation. We have discovered this snake has many heads and we are chopping them off one at a time…Just as Our Lord removed the scales from the blindman’s eyes, We, too, will be able to ‘see’ & recognize the truth.

    ‘O talk ‘n teach your kiddos.

  2. Excellent commentary CHris.I have found that to understnad Obama and get to the truth you listen to what he says and then think the opposite. That’s what he really means. He hates this country which is why he’s trying to “transform ” it. He was brought up in a country that hates America like Indonesia. He says it’s not fair that we are No. 1 in the world and wants to make us equal to all the other countries. Under Obamcare all doctors make the same. Now he talks about income inequality. He’s making us into a communist country and nobody is challenging him and bringing him up on impeachment charges. Clinton was impeached for lying about sex,this guy is causing millions to lose their insurance,that’s 100 times worse. At least he’s losing favor with the millennials (the 18-29 crowd) and hispanics and women so that’s a start,but it may be too little too late. Would we want Biden as Prez if Obama, goes out?

    1. Thanks Jim, You never know about impeachment, if they keep up with the investigating something has to turn up. Obama thinks he is untouchable, but I think he is in for a surprise. Obama or Biden, it’s a matter of dumb or dumber.

  3. The word truth can overwhelm many Americans today. We are all defined in some manner of speaking and categorized in our place of meaning, baby boomers, millennials, conservative, liberal, etc. Can we ever be just simply who we are, right or wrong. The truth is never grey as it is in a legal sense any more than the outcome of a person standing in front of a speeding train. For many people truth is a fantasy of the world they live in and never the reality of the outcome from their blind actions. A vote from an uninformed voter is a shot fired through the eyes of a liberal against false injustice that will place a yoke upon all that is socially good. We need to think beyond the scripted world that is delivered to our doorsteps every morning and channeled into our minds at 6:30 as worthy news. So as they descend from their implied perch of crafted wisdom and seek my thoughts on theirs, I can only bless them with my one and only truth…..Fu&%$ng Idiots!

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