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Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson was recently attacked for basically quoting (albeit loosely) scripture and talking about his basic beliefs in an interview with GQ magazine. He talked openly about his experiences working alongside black workers back in his day and you would have thought he was caught skinning cats alive in the public square!

Phil also spoke to what the Bible says about the “natural use of the body.” It’s what his belief system teaches. And, yes, it’s the Christian system, although his explanation was certainly Phil-ified!

My Christian friends are quick to say they would not have said it the way that he did, but they never said whether they would stand behind the spirit of what he said. Christians retreat, hide under a rock, and don’t openly support Phil, even though they do agree.

I could explain what Phil meant by his comments about the black people with whom he picked cotton, but some people are just dead-set on hating him and people like that don’t really care for an explanation. I even polled some of my black friends about Phil’s comment. None of them took offense.

In actuality, Phil made no mention of Jim Crow laws (none that I saw), yet the left infers that he did. Shame on them for assuming. Former MSNBC host, Martin Bashir, made direct slavery-related comments toward Sarah Palin and not a word from any of those left-wingers. Shame on them for being hypocrites. Still no support for what Phil Robertson stood up for.

I spoke to a few people who know Phil. They have all said he hasn’t changed from when he was flat broke, to when he was making money with the duck call business, to what he is now making on A&E. He hasn’t changed. The money and other resources he has given to those in need, the poor, the sick, and the homeless has increased as God increased him (you Godless don’t need to try to figure that out it may hurt your brain).

Phil has stuck to his beliefs and let the whole world see them through the Duck Dynasty TV show, even when the network pressured him to downplay his beliefs on the air. Now he’s being attacked because he had the audacity to state his beliefs to a reporter. The same beliefs he’s been stating all along. His story hasn’t changed. And where are my Christian brothers and sisters on this issue? The sound of 80 million Christians should be deafening.

My anger at the people who quickly came against Phil was tempered by my belief in God. Three scriptures came to mind. Jesus said, “They will hate you for my sake,” “I never knew you,” and John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his Son” to us for salvation.

The first is self-explanatory. Basically, if you love Jesus and keep His commandments, people know it and they will hate you. Look at the persecution, not simply people complaining, but the persecution that goes along with being a Christian. In the United States we have it easy compared to other parts of the world where Christians are executed, maimed, raped, tortured, and beheaded for their beliefs. In the good ol’ U.S. of A. we simply have to fight (with words, not fists!) to be able to live out our principles.

Businesses who are Christian-owned cannot refuse to provide service to gay or lesbian couples. The cake baker and the photographer that believe that those lifestyles are sinful to God are not allowed to practice their religious freedom in America and refuse to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies. They must either go against their God or close their business. Freedom of religion? Nope, not really. Try being a Christian in other parts of the world where a piece of paper with a scripture written on it is a death sentence.

The second scripture, “I never knew you” referred to religious people of the day that were outwardly doing things that made it look like they were following Christ, but they didn’t really love Him and didn’t really understand what He was teaching. Many people today are Sunday-go-to-meetin’ Christians. It’s easy to look like a Christian when you are in the herd, but it’s a whole different story when you are by yourself. Phil has no problem with this. He is who he is, whether he’s at home alone or in front of cameras.

He’s not the only one. There are other well-known people and brands who are willing to stand up for what they believe their God wants them to do as written in scripture. Tim Tebo, Philip Anschutz – Regal Entertainment Group, Mr. & Mrs. Chang – Forever 21 Owners, David Green – Hobby Lobby, Kathleen Marie Ireland – Kathy Ireland Worldwide, Mary Kay Ash – Mary Kay Cosmetics, Samuel Truett Cathy – Chik-fil-A, and Harry & Esther Snyder – In-N-Out Burger, just to name a few. None of these people have an issue with who they are and they make sure God gets the glory for their wealth.

The third and final scripture, John 3:16, is for my Christian friends. Are you pleasing to your God? Are you doing what God has asked you to do? Are you ashamed to be a Christian? Now, I don’t mean that you are an “in your face – you’re going to Hell unless you accept Christ”-type of Christian. I mean a Daniel and Joseph kind of Christian. Do you do what God’s word expects you to do? Do you feed the poor, take care of the sick, the widows, and the orphans? If you do, great! Do you proclaim God’s word? Do you share God’s love? Are you willing to risk it all in to defend what you believe? Are you willing to give it all for Christ? Tim Tebo was. Sam Cathy was. Phil Robertson was. And Jesus Christ did. God gave His best for us. Are you giving your best to Him? Are you willing to defend your belief to a new or potential client at the risk of losing them? Jesus never backed down. He was willing to tear up the temple area when the merchants turned it into a flea market of thieves!

It’s all well and good to be running around buying gifts and saying Merry CHRISTmas, but are you really willing to live, share, and defend the best gift with the true meaning of love… that is, Christ our Savior is born.

Merry CHRISTmas to all!

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Joe Messina

Joe is a no-nonsense, conservative realist. He is not interested in “what if?” or “we could have!” He is interested in hearing both sides and has no problem taking on taboo issues with real questions looking for real answers. Racism, religion, and politics are all open season for topics, and he’s happy to offer up his opinion in the process! Joe is an engaging speaker mixing a healthy dose of sarcasm with the cold, hard facts, interacting with the audience, taking questions, and often playing “devil’s advocate”… just to make you to think! Actively engaged in community, church, and politics for well over a decade, Joe enjoys the reputation of being a man of integrity and ethics. He has had several successful businesses and held several executive positions with various Fortune 1000 companies. He is often sought after to teach classes his “black and white breakdown” of business ethics. If you like to “stir the pot” a little and you don’t want to hear any more political correctness, Joe is your guy! Just name a topic… politics, religion, racism, or most any current event. Joe can be heard daily across the airwaves and over the internet on several stations.

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  1. I’m afraid that I ‘was’ one of those you referred to that was quick to defend what but not how he said….With all the media attention I was forced to think about what ‘really’ happened here…A man that stands strong & relentless for what what he believes. particularity his faith, is a rarity even for self proclaimed Conservatives. There’s a lot of us ‘Fair weather Christians’ out here…& so grateful that we’re still a work in progress & Phil is an example that we can do better. And must if we are to have quality of life.

    Less altruistic, but very possible, it drains attention from Obama Care & Benghazi etc. and other issues that confront us…

    It is my hope that I will ‘try harder’ & use the Phil’s, Tebo’s & Cathy’s as inspiration while teaching my Grandchildren.

    Thanks, Joe

  2. No Phil shouldn’t accept gay marriage

    And neither should Utah.

    The fact is gay marriage should never have ever come to the table. Bringing gay marriage to the table implies that homosexual lifestyle is normal like everyone else’s relationships. It is not normal. It is abnormal. it is deviant. Whether you are a Christian or not the fact remains that the natural order of nature is that a male couples with a female. And please don’t refer to the periodic homosexual green monkey. Animals engage in incest too–because they are animals. We are not.

    There are two types in this country who have allowed this absolute nonsense. You have the gay community itself which is the very small minority. Then you have its allies. College students. Media. Hollywood. Progressives who believe themselves to be evolved by pretending that they are just fine with homosexuality. Piers Morgan stating that he would be just fine if his son was gay. That is pure rubbish. He would not be fine. It would be unnatural to be fine.

    The homosexual movement to marriage is just one piece of the puzzle for why this nation is collapsing. And it is collapsing. It is part of the “accept all” movement that has funneled our country into the breakdown. I don’t have to prove my point. Newtown proves it. Colorado proves it. You have taught children that their are no absolutes and no boundaries. And now they are walking into schools with guns and opening fire.

    Phil Robertson was right. We need to stop pretending that the gay lifestyle is also normal when it certainly is not. They should follow the pattern of other deviants and keep it to themselves.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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