Real Freedom- You Have Another Choice

The capital “T” Truth.

Life before death.

You get to decide.

Note: The original video posted here was taken down, but this is an extended version of that speech. This is a longer version, and a “not so clean”, unedited version.


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  1. Video has been taken down. Since I am feeling somewhat adventurous this morning I’ll just jump in & offer a thought…Freedom, be it real or imagined, is never ‘free’ from all threads of limitations, restrictions or bondage. “Choices” are the degree of these restrictions that are imposed…

    OK, that’s my esoteric thought for the day…thanks for letting me share….

    1. Oh, and Jan… I LIKE that you are feeling adventurous this morning, and I COMPLETELY agree with your thoughts on Freedom and Choice! 😉

      1. I may be hanging out on a cloud somewhere in the universe…..but I liked it (all 22:44 min)…Way back when….I wrote & spoke of the need to teach our youth to ‘think’ & ‘reason…I’m not sure we’ve made any progress in the last 30 years…just gotta keep tryin’, one kiddo at a time…

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