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Pleasantly Surprised by Duck Dynasty Controversy

Ok, before anyone asks, no, I have not watched the show. I’m just not really into reality TV much and I confess I have never spent much energy on any program on A&E.

I also want to be very clear about what I am going to reveal here. Because of the vast numbers of people who did believe the Duck Dynasty “controversy” was worth your attention and Phil Robertson was worth your support, I do not wish to be mistaken. When A&E first announced it had suspended Mr. Robertson, I did not agree with A&E’s action. I also believed they had the right to take that action, unless contractually prohibited from doing so. I thought it a concern and an important news item from a cultural standpoint. On this, I was in agreement with fellow Christian conservatives. I would also submit that this was not a free speech issue, at least not in a legal sense. There was no legal authority telling someone they are not allowed to say something.

However, I disagreed that this particular news item was THE most important thing in the entire world we as Christian conservatives should be focusing our attention upon. The jury is still out as to whether that is no longer my opinion. But I will stipulate that it did result in something that can prove very useful both culturally and politically from a conservative point of view. The fact that A&E gave in so quickly to the pressure from supporters of Mr. Robertson and the resulting drop in ratings they suffered should teach us something we should already know. When someone stands for conservative Christian values and for principle THAT is what will bring support in droves. It worked here in the entertainment industry and I submit that if the GOP would truly become a bastion for Christian conservative principles and be representatives who are principled, it would bring out the voters support in droves as well.

In other words, IF the GOP truly wants to win in 2014 and take back the Senate as well as keep and increase the majority in the House, there is one way alone I can see that happening. The GOP leadership in Congress must change themselves to become embracers of TEA Party, constitutional conservatives for candidates and support the real conservatives currently in place. Or, the leadership itself must be replaced by those who will. I won’t even dealve into 2016 because if we “don’t get the politics right”, as Krauthammer would say, in 2014, 2016 will be unimaginable.

Is there evidence that this type of approach might work? I believe the Reagan years are all the evidence we need. Here was a true conservative who actually used our government for what it was designed for, to be the enabler of prosperity by essentially getting out of the way. He ran on conservative principles, even dare I say Christian ones, and won big! Twice. Has the GOP missed this fact; that Ronald Reagan would probably be a TEA party republican today?

There is a further lesson to be learned from the success of Mr. Robertson’s return. That is a lesson for the Christian conservatives in this land who are the potential voters. Whatever else you do, get registered to vote, get informed, and vote. The last time out the number of Christians who registered was less than 50% and less than half of them actually voted! If we as voters who care about the fate of our nation and whether there is future freedom or servitude here do not come out 100%, it will be nigh impossible to win, even in 2014. We should shatter the voter registration records in every primary and in the general election with such numbers that even potential voter fraud is nuetralized!You see, we really need a response like that which was leveled at A&E network by supporters of Duck Dynasty. If we really care about our land, our people, and our families any more than we care for a reality show. Not that caring about a reality show a bad thing, at least not in this case.



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D.T. Osborn

I am 57 years old and live in the great state of Nebraska. I am a direct health care services worker and recently retired pastor of a Baptist church. I have been married for 32 years and have a 30 year old son and a 26 year old daughter.

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  1. They shouldn’t have let him go to begin with. A&E should have stood on his right to his opinion not because of a backlash.
    And it is important to understand this. Our society is breaking down. We would have thought that Columbine long ago was a one time horrific event. Now it seems it is every other month. Why? First off divorce. Now there are some that probably should be divorced–but most just throw in the towel. That is the Generation X heterosexual mentality. And now many of your offspring are monsters, raised by the like on The Jersey Shore.
    And the Progressive answer? Let’s force more deviance. Deviance not being a definition of condemnation but what it is. Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle. The idea of two fathers or mothers is ludicrous. It always was. It defies common sense.
    And so what’s the answer Mr Progressive. Polygamy next? The plural marriage? Three transgender parents in a plural marriage?
    Now if someone wants to be gay that’s fine. This entire explosion over Phil was he didn’t have the right to voice an opinion unless it was pro gay. And it’s not the first time. I could fill three pages with examples.
    The fact is the common sense that is lost by the Progressive is that if you break the family unit society will follow. The gay community has the right to live as well. They don’t have the right to shove it down our throats. And that’s exactly what GLAAD did.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    1. Thank you for your comments my friend. I agree that A&E should not have suspended Mr. Robertson for his comments. I also agree that we have serious problems concerning the family, marriage and the onslaught of militants in the “gay” community. I am pleading here with all who do agree with us to take some action politically and halt this erosion into darkness. I hope and pray we will see such in this election year. Once again thanks and may God bless you and yours.

      1. Thanks D.T. for your writing efforts. I am also a conservative fiction writer who has found that the quill on the laptop gets the word out as much as I can. I have created a blog to that effort as we are under a serious attack which will result in the fall of our nation. This is not a dramatic viewpoint, my own work was based on an avid interest in history. When morality and family falls the nation goes as well. Proved time and time again. And time and time again people do not see it until it is too late.
        I don’t hate the gay community. I even got a comment back from a gay man stating that yes, there was a movement to shove this mentality down our throats. When I state the lifestyle as deviant that is a definition. I’m not judging them, condemning them or the like. The definition is what it is. Most non gay that are holding the torch for this movement are doing so due to a belief that somehow they are more evolved. Intellectual. The Nietzsche refinement of moral relativism. Nietzsche I have studied as well–he died insane. It doesn’t work. Every person I have known for the last thirty years that took this philosophy of moral relativism has had a life of disaster. Whether you call it God’s wrath or karma, nothing seems to work out for these people. And they are angry and continue to side with the chaotic. That’s why they cannot reason. We say we have the right to side with Phil Robertson, we believe in traditional marriage, we do not believe they should propagate the deviant lifestyle into our schools–their answer? You’re a bigot. You’re ignorant. That the gay lifestyle is normal.
        Well it’s not. Between that, our fallen heterosexual couples with a skyrocketed divorce rate, and the erosion of any responsibility for action we have produced Newtown, CT. CO. We have created a vile generation of monsters who play the “knock out game” just for fun. We cannot survive with this mentality. That has become my secondary mission as a writer. I would give up all royalties today if I could have my country back.

        Continue the mission D.T. and God Bless you as well

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  2. D.T. great article and excellent points. I too am encouraged by the solidarity that seems to be emerging from the Conservative Christian Majority of this Nation. It seems that it takes times of great oppression and threat to our freedom to wake people up.

    I am not a Christian but I do not have a problem with Christians, their beliefs, and their values. Why should I? Even if my values didn’t parallel theirs (which they do) I would not have a problem because one’s beliefs are the sovereign of that person’s unalienable rights and I have the same RIGHTS equally (a very important truth). I do not have to accept what someone tells me just because they fortify it with the authority of “God”! Truth is self-evident and consistent – it is how we behold truth that matters. And I have my own confident ability to behold self-evident truth!

    The homo community is so wantonly insecure that if you look at them sideways they flip out like a bunch of little girl Emos. You know, anyone with that kind of insecurity has major self-image issues – lol – they KNOW they are dirt! Instead of being confident in their beliefs, they lash out with the blackest hatred at those who “condemn” their BEHAVIOR (which self-evident truth defines as untenable) and accuse them of the very Hatred they harbor! How screwed up can one be? But what do you expect of immature selfish brats who never grew up?! The point is that a very small minority with a lot of money is bringing this Nation to its knees. And we are letting them!!

    If I have any problem with Christians at all it is that they have an over reliance on their God to save them or reward them with heavenly riches should they be persecuted! That IS NOT the Christian Spirit this Nation was founded upon. I have nothing against prayer and faith but when that is all you have, frankly, you are bound for persecution and enslavement! When God told Noah to build an Ark He gave Noah the plans and NOAH built the ship! NOAH gathered the animals. Faith without work is worthless! Christians believe Jesus Christ is returning to “rapture” them out of this wicked world – Noah didn’t sit in his prayer closet and whine, “oh God, oh God – save us from the wrath of the beast”. Nope. He overcame! Christians believe Jesus is returning in Glory. Fine. Somewhere along the line they’ve gotten the idea that the Head does all the work! But do not they believe they are the Body of Christ? The Glory is the Victory Christians have over evil by ACTIVELY STANDING against it. Jesus isn’t coming back to a defeated Body! If indeed the Spirit of Christ dwells in all of you then GET OFF your asses and overcome as He has told you to do!

    I will be most happy to fight right along with you.

    It is no longer enough just to register and vote. You must make noise, assert your rights, repel the onslaught of oppression and actively stand for the values you believe in! Write your legislators and elected officials at all levels. It is NOT the responsibility of those officials to be MORAL. It is OUR responsibility to make sure those we elect are already moral! (T. Jefferson). The GOP, in truth, is no better than the DNC. Not once when they have had the opportunity has the Republican Party EVER repealed the socialist laws the Democrats have passed! Whose side are they on? Change the GOP! Or get rid of it!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. You may not be a Christian but you seem to know better than some of the other believers I have known! We indeed need to put our faith to WORK, as the Bible does say we should. You are absolutely correct in stating that God does not want us on the sidelines and IF we can get aroused over Duck Dynasty we should be more aroused and engaged in the fate of our very nation. Once again than you and may God bless you always.

  3. Conservatives need to support conservative candidates. People like McCain, Boehner, Christie, Graham, and Ryan all claim they are conservative, then declare war on actual conservative views.

    Don’t vote the “lesser of two evils”. It is still evil.

    1. Thank you for your comments my friend. I am sick to death of voting for the “lesser of two evils”. I encourage everyone to get involved even in the primary process so that we can obtain true conservative nominees to vote on. Stand on your principles!

  4. Dan, the way you have written this validates my own viewpoint (so sure hope you’re right 🙂 )But it brings to the surface something I’ve been wrestling with for awhile and that is WHAT is a Christian Conservative? I consider myself a “Christian work in progress”, so that part I get..It’s this ‘conservative’ thing. A number of politically oriented groups call themselves (the) true Conservatives above the others and anyone that differs in opinions, is not….I can be comfortable with ideas, practices from about all of them, yet see things I don’t happen to agree with. So what does that make me?…..and the other thing is….Romney is called ‘too moderate’, yet was elected as the Conservative GOP candidate. He didn’t fall in line with many of these ‘Conservative” groups so they refused to vote at all rather than let Obama win…I wonder, Can anyone that ridged in their beliefs lead a country where the majority chose a ‘moderate’?

    Believe me, I’m not trying to be controversial, I am just wondering & am yet to have anyone answer. MOST importantly is we are all AMERICANS looking to keep our beloved & glorious Nation in tact.

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