For Christians, Everyday Is A Holiday

Well, here we are, another Christmas season is upon us; and with it, comes more of the predictable attacks, by Atheist groups, on Christ and our Christian faith. Most recently, is a billboard, hung in Time Square, by the group, “American Atheists,” which states: “Who needs Christ during Christmas? Nobody,” with the word Christ crossed out.

It would be one thing, perhaps, if they wanted to point out that, The Winter Solstace is what was originally celebrated this time of year by the Pagans and Secularists; and that, there is much evidence that Christ was not even born around this time of year. In doing so, they could easily, and more politely, make the point that this season can be enjoyed by all Americans, regardless if we are Christians. But, when they go to the next level, and claim that no one needs Christ, and explicitly cross out his name, they have elevated it to a much bigger and broader place, which is to, directly, and explicitly, attack our faith, and The Messiah, Jesus Christ.

For those of us who take our faith seriously – read and learn The Bible, and God’s intents throughout The Bible; attend church regularly; pray frequently; try to live a Biblically-inspired life; and, truly believe we have a personal relationship with Christ – it is really not a newsflash that, all of these holidays, in The United States, that were, originally, considered Holy holidays, and were treated as such by Jewish and Christian citizens, over several decades, have, today, been transmuted into largely secular and ultra-commercial holiday seasons. But, as Christians, how often do we stop, and ask ourselves: “what exactly is a holiday”?

Holiday: “a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended in commemoration of some event or in honor of some person.”

The keywords here are, “a day fixed by law.” Stated differently: It is a holiday created by our Federal Government. While there is nothing, intrinsically, wrong with that, should we, as Christians, need elected officials to tell us when to give thanks to God for his Divine Providence? Or, on what day we should celebrate the birth of Christ, or the day of his crucifixion, and resurrection? The answer, in my humble opinion, is, “of course not”! Every day should be a day to thank God for his Divine Providence. And, everyday, for Christians, should be a celebration of the time Christ spent here on Earth, and what was accomplished on The Cross. And, to that extent, if I were to hang a sign in Time Square, it would read something like this:

EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving; and EVERYDAY is a celebration of the life, crucifixion, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ. And, we don’t need our Government, and their Government-created holidays, to tell us when to celebrate!

Atheist groups, as far as I am concerned, can attack these holidays, all day, everyday, but there is not a dam thing they can do to stop us from praising God for his Divine Providence; or to stop God from achieving his goals and Purpose. And, to that extent, every Christian can have Peace in knowing that, when you are a follower of Christ, everyday is a Holiday.

God Bless, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. A beautiful testament, Mark!!! Being blessed to live in His Grace certainly is something to celebrate each & every day!! In this day & age, HE is the sugar that makes all the bad medicine go down..”fixed by law” or not how Glorious it is to be blessed every day we walk with Him….
    I pray that the non-believer will soon find themselves able to share our joy

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