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A Lie or an “overly broad statement”?

On the Hannity program of Dec. 6 2013 guest Katy Pavlich sparred with a democrat of He said, referring to Obama’s statement “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance”, that it was an “overly broad statement”. My initial thought was, “seriously I thought it was a lie.”

After further thought I decided to try and determine if the Obama statement should be called a lie. A lie, especially one of this significance alleged against the most politically significant person in the world, should be defined in a stringent manner. The seriousness of the charge demands there be no mistake that this incidence of reality not conforming to rhetoric was not just a misspeak of some kind. In this context a “lie” would be a deception that is intentional. The question then must be asked, how would we know if this was an intentional deceit? If it was discovered that there was previous knowledge in the administration of the damaging results of Obamacare, including the loss of insurance by millions, and still the President continued to state that “you can keep your health care” was true, it might be the deciding factor. Well, voila! Guess what we precisely do know now? 

 To be fair, the term “overly broad statement” should also be defined. What might something like that be? How about this? “K.C. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles ran for 160 yards in last week’s game” when in fact he had only run for 150 yards. The difference here is that this statement could easily be attributed to a mistake in math or communication.

If both of those terms are applied to the Obama statement it is indeed “an overly broad statement”. It is also a lie. There is simply no getting around it now that we know this administration had advance knowledge of this misinformation. Furthermore it is a terribly damaging lie because it has caused immense suffering and will cause more!

Of course another explanation could be offered. It could be that the President actually thought he was telling the truth and didn’t really know people would lose their insurance and not be able to keep their doctors even if they liked them. It’s possible, but not likely for many reasons. One of those reasons is that to believe Obama didn’t know the ills of his signature legislation before it was passed is to believe that he is grossly incompetent. He is incompetent either because he did not require those who did know in his regime to keep him informed, or he told them he didn’t want to know, or his staff withheld the information from him. Additionally, if he told his underlings he didn’t want to know it would mean he didn’t care about Obamacare not working or how it hurt others as a result. So Obama is either incompetent, ignorant, or insensitive, or a combination of all three!

However, it is likely Obama did know the failings that we know his underlings were aware of. I don’t believe he was ignorant or incompetent. Of the three possibilities, Obama being insensitive is the most likely. If that is the case, it is even worse than having an incompetent President because it means we have a malevolent one. It means Obama is a leader who doesn’t care who suffers as long as he furthers his own agenda to “fundamentally transform” our nation. It could mean, as some have suggested, that the abysmal performance of Obamacare was intentional so as to make a stronger case for a “single-payer” health care system. This would fit the fact that Obama has also stated back in 2008 that he was a “proponent of single payer” for health care. I believe Obama is viewing the fate of Obamacare as a win/win situation. If Obamacare fails then he can offer single-payer as a rescue plan. If it succeeds, then it can be a stepping stone to single-payer while the Feds are getting some practice controlling America’s health care system, and make no mistake, that is the ultimate object of all of this, the acquisition of power and control. Once a single-payer system is implemented, such control will be total, and there might be little, if anything, anyone can do about it.

 There is but one way to avoid such servitude. Obamacare must be repealed and replaced by a free-market oriented alternative. Several such alternatives have been proposed and any one of them would better than Obamacare. We who call ourselves “conservative” should be pushing hard for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare for the sake of ourselves, and future generations. Our very freedom is on the line right here, right now. Will we fight to preserve it or give in to the power in D.C.? The ball is now in our court.

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D.T. Osborn

I am 57 years old and live in the great state of Nebraska. I am a direct health care services worker and recently retired pastor of a Baptist church. I have been married for 32 years and have a 30 year old son and a 26 year old daughter.

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  1. “…the ultimate object of all of this, the acquisition of power and control.”

    If you stop and simply look at our government objectively it is actually 2 governments in parallel; and they are at war with each other (because we the people still have some “say” in one of them).

    On the one hand we have the remnants of the limited, by the people, for the people, Federal government. We still (theoretically) elect the officials of this government. On the other hand we have the Bureaucratic Administrative government – that veritable alphabet soup that we have no direct authority over. We DO NOT elect the heads of all of these overbearing, oppressive “departments”! Moreover our Congress has ceased to focus on Constitutional law and is now the big oversight manager of these Czarist regimes! They sold themselves to that roll in the ’60s.

    Nevertheless this second Government is under the authority of the Executive brand and if we put a dictator in that position, Voila, (to quote a phrase) we have no more Constitutional Government. Above ALL the evil that is Obamacare it is a massive expansion of that Bureaucracy!!! The enlargement of this Bureaucracy is about to overwhelm the true and rightful government of this Nation!

    When the government shut down, what was MOST affected? The Bureaucracy! And Obama did everything he could to make us, WE the PEOPLE, feel the pain because the truth is, a threat to that Bureaucracy sends his nasty-ass into a PANIC!

    Yes, we need to repeal Obamacare. We need to dismantle the Bureaucracy entirely! All of it! Every last FBI – IRS – NSA – FDA – EPA – FEMA – DHS bit of it! It is about to take away ALL of our freedom!

    1. Thank you for your reply. I agree that all of those agencies also need to go. I have chosen to focus the most on Obamacare for one reason. This is the ‘cornerstone’ of Obama’s quest. For if it succeeds, it will be a demonstration of the government being able to control a huge part of every American’s life and will embolden his minions to push Socialism even further into our lives, taking full advantage of all of those other agencies to put a death grip on freedom. If it fails, there is a chance the whole scheme to “fundamentally transform” our nation will fail as well. At least there will be a grand example of how bad such government control truly is, and that can be used to push back against the gates of socialist “hell” that are being thrown up as we speak.

      1. I am in total agreement with your strategy and oppose the ACA at every opportunity. I meant no distraction from your excellent article but in the hopes other readers might pick up additional insight into this mess I only wanted to share more of the big picture. Thanks for the opportunity to be inspired by your article and contribute.

        1. Thanks again and I appreciate your comments as well. Any additional insight you or others may offer is always welcome.

  2. First of all it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue. Barry ran on “you can keep your plan.”

    And CNN today is lying today. They report in a column “we love Obamacare” a feel good story a day.

    And here is what they ignore which is as much as lying as Barry did

    How about the 250,000 plans cancelled the first week in California by Kaiser Permanente.

    How about all the people who barely use healthcare who are now being told their premiums will skyrocket and their deductibles. Not to mention the takeover of free market by government.

    How about the fact that more entitlements are being pursued–for the people who are the least contributors–expanded Medicaid. And as a former provider I can tell you they are the largest abusers of the system–usually from poor life choices–most of the time.

    How about the fact that employer mandate hasn’t even hit yet. It this was your efficiency with individual then I can’t wait for the debacle when the rest hits.

    How about the basic notion that one man shouldn’t pay for another. There is a word for that–it’s called Marxism. And before Mr Progressive you tell me I don’t know what Marxism is please read the Manifesto. I have.

    The system will not sustain itself because most of us are not thrilled with the idea that one must pay for another. We could report on that small problem CNN

    And here is an ultimate truth neither side wants to say out loud. And this is based on 13 years of working in the healthcare system and seeing it everyday. As follows

    If they were really interested in fairness then the outrageous costs could be brought down by fee for service for most services and catastrophic insurance in the free market which would bring rates down as well. But that would mean no more free rides and God forbid I say that to the forty five year old obese person on disability whose had all care given to them no questions asked for decades. That’s the problem. Trust me, I’m an ex provider. And there are charitable organizations for those who really aren’t capable. And those people are very few. Most could have a job of some kind if we would make them. And yes that would mean we have to yank the carpet. Sorry but someone has to be the adult in the room. I have written about this–it is a moral problem. That we embrace laziness and irresponsibility. And laziness breeds itself exponentially. And now we have an epidemic of it. We shouldn’t be expanding Medicaid, we should be severely reducing it.

    Continue this entitlement mentality and you can expect the end of your nation. I don’t have to use my fiction to prove my point–history proves it for me.

    And that’s what needs to be stated out loud.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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