Why Is The Left So Afraid Of Ted Cruz

You can always tell when the left is concerned about a person or a policy, they start demonizing the policy or person. Just as they went full force against the Tea Party, they are releasing their heavy hitters on Senator Ted Cruz.

The left will do anything to make Obama look good and spare him of being blamed for anything, even if he is responsible. Now the left is blaming the poor jobs numbers on Ted Cruz, they have taken it upon themselves to call them Cruz Numbers, as if it is his fault the economy is a wreck, God forbid Obama should be blamed for anything that goes wrong.

Glenn Beck said recently on his radio show, They are now calling the jobs numbers ‘Cruz numbers.’ They are blaming now a lackluster number in job creation on Ted Cruz. Can we just think about the lack of personal responsibility here? This president has never taken responsibility for anything a day in his life,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And so now they are blaming the job numbers on Ted Cruz. Why are they so afraid of Ted Cruz? You don’t spend your time, your treasure to take apart somebody that isn’t making an impact.” They are terrified of Ted Cruz, terrified, because every Saul Alinsky tactic is coming out, every single one.”

Recently on the Chris Matthews show, the Liberal we love to hate, he seemed to sum it up for us why the left is so afraid of Ted Cruz. Matthews said, “You are witnessing the biggest threat to modern progressivism, and liberals, and reasonable conservatives.” There you are in his own words, the left fears Ted Cruz because he is a threat to progressivism and liberalism. As far as reasonable Conservatives, I really don’t know what he meant by that, there is no way if you are a Conservative, that you are going to agree with Chris Matthews and disagree with Ted Cruz.

There is no doubt that Ted Cruz is a fighter and truly believes in the Constitution, we, without a doubt need more like him. It seems that the Republicans who were blamed for the Government shutdown might start to look like heroes when Obama is forced to postpone his Obama-Care mandate because of the catastrophe of the roll out of Obama-Care.

I hope the Republicans take full advantage of the situation. With Democrats abandoning the President and joining the Republicans with pushing for a postponement in the mandate, America will start asking, why Obama did not just agree to it in the first place and prevent the Government shutdown.

If the Republicans play their cards right, the blame will shift where it should have been in the first place, on the President and the Democrats, I would love to see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi take the fall.

Maybe Ted Cruz will put a little spine back in the Republican Party, he is a man who fights on principle. Only time will tell if he changes Washington, or Washington changes him.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. The term ‘conservative’ has become convoluted that I’m not at all certain I qualify as one, but am sure I am an American registered as a Republican….and proud of my Country. And I am far from the left…

    While I can agree with both Beck & Mathews, I do believe that Cruz, along with the other young guns are in fact shaking up the comfy cozy nest so many from ‘both’ parties have made for themselves as is evidenced by the loud outrageous comments from so many ‘good old boys’. These ‘youngsters’ still think that holding elected office means to ‘serve’ the people and not a bona fide self service carte blanc.

    1. Jan, I agree that these labels get to be rather opaque. But when you think in terms that what you stand for is what the Constitution says – that we ARE a Republic and that we are under the Rule of Law – then the only proper label would be that you are a Constitutionalist. It is pretty hard for anyone to misconstrue THAT. Liberals are comforted by the idea of “reasonable” conservatives. They always seek to FEEEEEEL good don’t they? But their idea of “reasonable” is to surrender our rights for security and to place ourselves in the care of the Experts of Big Government and that is completely unreasonable to any true conservative! So if Liberals are to define reasonable then there is no such thing as a “reasonable” conservative! The only reasonable conservatives are those who are not going to spontaneously bite your head off if you misquote or sidestep the Constitution – I’m not reasonable btw!

      It is to LAUGH at their stupidity! TAKE no prisoners!!!

  2. Senator Ted Cruz in my personal opinion is an American hero. He did not come to Washington to be changed he came to change Washington. We need more people like him. I believe if we get these comfy cozy traitors who have so far defied the will of the American people. We will be a lot better off than we started. We need more people that will speak their minds and not be afraid to speak out on the issues that matter. The fact is this health care law is a disaster already you can see in the news it is slowly crumbling. I for one feel it is in the best interest of the American people to reject this law fully. I will tell you though the one to blame for most of this happening is not necessarily Obama can you believe this I’m actually saying that this health care law is not all Obama’s fault. Why do I say this because the blame solely goes now to Chief Justice John Roberts. Yes folks! That’s right Chief Justice John Roberts is the one that said America to the wolves. The man should be ashamed of himself for siding with liberal America. He was not thinking about the best interest for America when he made this decision. May I remind you also that because he labeled it a tax all revenue bills automatically by law start in the house. Guess where are the health care law started? It started in the Senate and that alone should be reason to repeal this awful healthcare law. Now it is Obama’s fault when you see that clearly this law is driving up the cost of healthcare for every single American. Folks all tell you personally I have had to drop my health insurance come November 11 2013. Apparently my health insurance does not meet the requirements of the new healthcare law. On top of this! 40 percent of the American people do not realize either what is health care law is. I have said this before in my post wherever I post. A person who does not gain knowledge will fail in America’s system. A person who does not look at both sides of the coin will fail in American society. The society were coming to now in America States that we will tell you how to think don’t read for yourself we will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do and how you’re supposed to think. By the government using these tactics you are now a robot to put it in plain simple English. These are the tactics that were used in some of the most horrid books out there Saul Alinsky Communist Manifesto, you name it all these books touch on the subject of dumbing down the People in order to control them. Back in Bible times in the Bible the Jewish priest said no one can read the Torah except for us we are the ones that know. They said to the people you just listen to what we have to say and believe. With this kind of understanding now you can see why we got off to the wrong track. My last point would be this if you can go to life being told what to do then you have no life. But if you can go through life gaining knowledge because knowledge is power and that is something that this government does not want you to have. They don’t want you to have the power to think for yourself and make a reasonable decision. The Communist Manifesto states in order to divide and conquer you need to pin people against each other. I feel bad because as a nation we should be able to stand together for but you have a sleepover here pointing the finger at this group this group pointing the finger at another group. If we as the American people can just come together and gain knowledge and teach those that don’t have the knowledge we can bring back America and I will continue to pray for that.

    1. Great Post, GB Marks. I agree that it is awful that Americans are being pitted against Americans. But in the interest of SELF EVIDENT TRUTH that our Core Values are not only right but righteous, that all governments have the same purpose to protect our individual unalienable rights, that proper morals and right actions of every citizen re enforces our freedom shall not be compromised in order to “agree”! The self-evident truth of Socialism, of collectivism and big government taking care of us is that IT DOESN’T WORK!

      You are right that people who know – that is to say truly understand – both sides of an issue will choose that which benefit not only themselves but our Republic as well. We have generation after generation which have been taught from their first experiences of Sesame Street right thru college to accept what they have been told RATHER than coming to a qualified understanding thru critical thinking!

      I could go on but I think we both – indeed all of us – understand that we, at least, stand in unison!

      Ted Cruz is indeed a hero as are many in both Chambers tho not nearly enough!

  3. Chris, thanks for a great article and for a proper perspective of Senator Cruz. I admire this man above all of our legislators but there are others that are equally dedicated and that I also admire greatly. They are just men and women. But they appear to hold dear our Core Values. I hope we can fill the Chambers with like-minded men and women.

    The PP&ACA bill started in the Senate, which is forbade by the Constitution to legislate taxation – count 1.

    The bill was built and “justified’ by the Neo Commerce Clause. The Constitutional clause, which they have completely twisted into ONE ENORMOUS LIE restricts the Federal Government to regulating Commerce between the States to the SAME level as it could regulate Commerce of Foreign Nations. THEN the Constitution further restricts taxation of commerce between the states in Article 1, section 9, Clause 5. “No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State” – count 2

    The bill then passed into law and, challenged in the Supreme Court, was upheld by 4 liberal judges under the Neo Commerce Clause. The Neo Commerce Clause gives the Federal government “boundless” power over us simply because we have the potential to either buy or NOT buy things. In the 1930s you were forbidden to grow a garden because you would be undermining commerce by NOT buying someone else’s produce! This Clause has the power to tell you how many children you can have because if you have too many kids you will buy too much and if you have to few kids you will not buy enough!! THINK about this! However Count 3 is that Judge Roberts (As GM points out below) re wrote the law to make penalties a tax rather than a punishment (what’s the difference?)! Count three is that the Supreme Court wrote the law – it is therefore no longer the law as passed by Congress!

    Then Obama takes it upon himself to re write Judge Robert’s law to suit his whims and give corporations a 1-year break. Now it is not only NOT the law passed by Congress but it is also NOT the Law written by Judge Roberts! – count 4

    Article I Section 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. (Ummmmm… Where does this include powers of the Supreme Court and the Executive branch to write laws?!)

    The 5th count is this; it is NOT a law “made in pursuance thereof” the Supreme Law of the Land. (The so-called Supremacy Clause conveniently leaves out this quoted phrase.) It transfers massive amounts of power to the President that guts the 3rd and 4th Amendments and nullifies the 9th and 10th Amendments! This is the most devastating count of all and we MUST NOT allow it to stand!

    I’m sure Ted Cruz understands all of this. I’m sure you do too. I hope others begin to understand it! I hope Americans everywhere wake up to just how close we are to loosing our freedom!

    Thanks again!

  4. I see that some of you have trouble sleeping. The Affordable Care act is a ploy. It should be called A Fools caveat, forewarned and to stupid to understand the pill they are about to swallow. The truth be told you cannot fix stupid nor can you grow or decree a pair of balls, not even by the Supreme Court. We have a constitution of laws that should be upheld by our supreme court. Violating a law is black or white, there is nothing grey with what has taken place by this president. He breaks laws because he feels that he is above the law. We can site amendment, section, sub paragraph. Barack Obama does not give a shit and as far as he see’s it anything he does is above the law and cannot be upheld by our Supreme Court, which in his view is no less than a Kangaroo Court. John Roberts validated that with his ruling. We are the laughing stock of a world no less governed by minions and meat heads themselves. Where is the courage of conviction that brought us through our darkest hours? In my heart I know it has never left us, but even courage needs a host to follow Senator Cruz.

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