Ted Cruz Opens his Mouth and Lets out the Stupid

We all have been watching the recent political soap opera with high interest. It was great to see Ted Cruz filibuster for 21 hours, unlike John Boner–I mean, Boehner (why can’t I get that right?)–and John “Ancient Gasbag” McCain, who attacked him for it (along with other Republicans). Finally, there was somebody who was going to take a stand against….wait, what?

Exactly. It’s nice to know that Republicans are against Obamacare. But what are they for? I’m having a hard time supporting the home team in this shutdown because I don’t know what they are counter proposing. Apparently they have an alternative to the ACA, but after the opening announcement was made, it faded very fast, and there has been no further mention of it. The Republicans aren’t selling their plan. They are so busy telling us what they’re against, we have no idea what they’re for. In other words, they are giving no reason for even us, the hard core base, to support them. The talking heads have better ideas than the people we vote for. Perhaps we need to elect Greg Gutfeld, TV’s Andy Levy, and Greg’s repulsive sidekick Bill Schultz to run the country.

I watched Ted Cruz on The O’Reilly Factor tonight, where Mr. O came up with very good points pretty much echoing the above, and all Cruz did was repeat the party line. I’ve tried getting my liberal friends (everybody needs one!) to explain why they think Cruz is an idiot (that’s all they seem to say about him) and all they can do is intensify the word idiot. I think they’re right. All Cruz said in response to Mr. O’s remarks is that it’s the Democrats fault. They aren’t negotiating. Bla bla bla. He really is an idiot. In the face of terrific common-sense, Cruz dug in his heels….for what? GIVE US A REASON TO SUPPORT YOU! GIVE US SOMETHING TO WORK WITH! It’s great that you’re against something, but WHAT ARE YOU FOR??????

All I know for sure is that Ted Cruz likes White Castle hamburgers. He said so during his filibuster. But everybody likes White Castle….unless you’re a communist.

So enjoy the shutdown, I guess. I have no idea what the plan is. I don’t think even John Boner–I mean, Boehner (dammit!)–knows. It seems the GOP is flailing in the dark, and since Cruz is Canadian, that should terrify him (because Canadians don’t like the dark) but he’s apparently acclimated. All we know is that the GOP doesn’t like Obama. Or something. Does anybody have a flipping idea what we’re doing here?

BRIAN DRAKE is a broadcaster in California and the author of The Rogue Gentleman, a thriller in the tradition of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I don’t agree Brian. I think Ted Cruz is very smart. I’ve watched him speak at the Right Online conference in Orlando last month. There was a lot of enthusiasm for what he is doing. I think Cruz will come out as a hero in all of this. But you are right as far as you go, the Republicans need to articulate their plan on what they will bring to the table to replace Obamacare.

  2. The Republicas tried to negotiate with the Senate Democrats and got nowhere. Dingy Harry’s “my way or the highway is the real problem. Citing Bill O’Reilly as a problem solver is a big mistake. Almost every other word out of O’Reilly and all those great so called pundits is “the Republicans are going to get the blame for this shutdown.” Why are they not telling the truth? I have been watching Fox News for years, and in the last five or six years they are becoming more and more like CNN. They are slowly ceding to the MSM.

  3. Well, Brian, keeping in mind that opinions & backside body parts share a commonality in that we all have both, I can’t disregard yours……But, using O’Riley’s program as reasoning…Really now….O’Riley’s format is intended to ‘stir up’ issues and the man has spent so much of his lifetime sitting on the fence that his natural indentation has expanded & comes out of his mouth.

    I know Ted Cruz & proudly worked on his campaign. Does that mean he is always right? Of course not! The Republican House & Senate have submitted a number of ACA ideas, plans. At the beginning DR Tom Coburn & others offered ideas that were REJECTED by Reid & never discussed. This has been repeated & repeated, yet fallen on deaf years. If you have children you know that there comes a time when ‘repeating’ is useless.

    Maybe, just maybe the ‘good old boys’ are in fear that the comfy little nest they’ve lined (at our expense) is on the verge of going POOF! Or have become convinced they are ‘entitled’ in the same way
    that welfare dependents often do for special consideration.

    Call me old fashioned, but when I hire someone to do a job…I actually expect them to do it…And these young additions to our legislators appear to be quick study & doing just that!!! NO ONE is trying to take over the GOP…just make it function as intended. Frankly, to all the snuggled & ensconced in their role as legislator, I say….If you can’t lead…get the hell out of the way…

    If those that accept Obama’s analogy of Apple’s new phone as reasonable…even though it is a private enity & the choice to have or not…then let’s give equal consideration to Cruz’s et al. If you tire of hearing your liberal friends then pick out a couple of goodies out of Obama’s & Reid’s remarks, there is a bounty of material to be found.

    I do appreciate that you ARE paying attention as there are many that are not.

    1. Well said, Jan. I did not realize you worked on the Cruz Campaign. As far as I’m concerned Senator Cruz is the man of the hour who set off this wonderful government shutdown – how can we make it more comprehensive and PERMANENT?

      Think about this; the impasse before us – and all the liberal lost brains having mental aneurisms because their precious government is shut down (oh, not really) “Oh No! A Gap. There’s a gap in the line – “A Bugs Life” – a teeny tiny step toward a more Constitutional government.

      The foolish man built his house on sand. Along came Ted Cruz and the Republican Representatives and washed the man’s house away! Maybe the lesson here is; STOP DEPENDING ON BIG FED to blow yer damned NOSE!

  4. what’s sad is the assumption that there has to be a republican alternative plan. the federal gov’t has become a terribly bloated entity that has infused itself into every issue imaginable. let’s get back to the founders’ idea of severely limited gov’t with a part time legislature.

  5. Here’s the “Plan”, Brian! It’s called the Constitution!

    (sound of pages flipping). Nope! Healthcare – it ain’t in there.

    States Rights. Now that’s in there… oh, oops! 17A finished off States Rights and turned them over to BIG Fed. What has BIG Fed been doing ever since? Growing! And now you, in you lost brain delusionalism, believes BIG Fed actually should do something about healthcare!

    You need some re-education boy!

    Here’s a nifty little quote from the Father of the Constitution to get started on;

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all objects which… concern the lives, liberties and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.” – James Madison

    Any lights coming on?

    Thanks to BIG Fed and twit after twit on the Big Bench twisting (among other things) the Commerce Clause – these days they “have” unlimited authority over us JUST because we buy things – Good Grief! – and precedence of taxes, taxes, taxes, apportioned or NOT (thank you 16A) the Supreme Court upheld the PP&ACA. Talk about lost brains!!

    And you have the gall to call Ted Stupid? Get this, son; Ted Cruz knows what the Constitution says, word for word! I don’t! Do you? Maybe he just assumed you were bright enough to realize we don’t need no stink-king plan but the Constitution!

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America….”

    Start talking to your State Legislators about Healthcare… if you actually feel Healthcare is a “right”!


    And stop listening to that idiot O’Reilly and all the other phonies and money changers…

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