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If you are a Tea Partier like me, you probably think of yourself as a conservative, but you’re not. Even though you believe in the constitution, the rule of law, private property, and America’s foundational English-speaking Western-Christian culture, you are not a conservative. And if you believe in the United States as a singular nation based on these principles, you are not a conservative either. In fact, you are neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

You are an American nationalist who wants fundamental reform from a federal government dominated by parties that reject these ideas in favor of others, mainly progressivism and multiculturalism. You’ve recognized that the federal government and it’s institutions of power—so-called big government—no longer resemble or abide by the constitution, in spirit or practice.

A few simple comparisons expose this basic reality: 100 years ago (1912) government spending comprised 2% of GDP; today it makes up 26%; in 1912, 97% of government spending was controlled and authorized directly by Congress; the number today is 33%. So much for a government shutdown that put at risk barely one third of federal spending—the rest is automatic, uncontrolled, and outside the reigns of constitutional dominion.

Big government fails other critical tests as well. The federal government no longer upholds the rule of law: it tolerates illegal immigration, doesn’t protect our borders, bails-out corrupt bankers, fights wars and launches strikes without the approval or consent of the American people. It does not protect private property: it redistributes by taxing the producers and transfers wealth to the corrupt and the underachievers; what little is left over goes to the needy, so we hope.

America was once an English speaking country, but no more.  Federal programs offer special services in other languages like Spanish and Arabic. “Please push 1 for English and 2 for ….” is how it goes. We have radio and TV stations in other languages, even street signs in parts of major cities are in foreign languages. Only selected States have enacted English-only laws, this despite an overwhelming majority of Americans who support them.

The United States is a country that celebrates freedom of religion, as long as that religion is not Christianity. Federal regulations require references to Christmas or Christianity removed or diminished while other religions are accommodated everywhere, like Muslim prayer rooms in airports. Thanks to the federal government, Christianity, still by far the most common religion practiced by Americans past and present, is largely banned from the public square.

Conservatism means little in this contemporary setting.  As a Member of Parliament in Britain’s House of Commons, Burke championed an early brand of conservatism. Burke accepted change as long as it did not undermine or destroy the basic pillars of British society. Unlike other ideas about government like socialism, fascism, or modern day progressivism, Burke’s mantra to “conserve and correct” was based more on prudence and rationality than ideology. Until now, Burke’s approach defined Americans on the Right for most of our history.

If the word “conservative” still had meaning, we would support Burke’s approach. We can no longer employ these tactics because the Left has created a new political, social and economic order that is utterly anti-American, unconstitutional and designed to transform this country into the Third World, a place where 400 years of Western Christian Civilization are erased. And that is why there is significant daylight between the Tea Party and the Washington elite who control both political parties.

So, what are we if not conservatives?

The Tea Party is reformist, and yes, nationalist. It is time we confront the truth that America’s national identity, its purpose and prosperity are being systematically destroyed by people on the far Left and their accomplices on the faux right, people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who embrace big government because it profits them to do so, their country be damned.

So stop calling me a conservative and, by the way, don’t call me a Republican either.

Cameron Macgregor is a former naval officer. He is currently a graduate student at George Mason University.

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Cameron Macgregor

Cameron Macgregor graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2007. He then served aboard the navy destroyer USS BENFOLD for just over two years, working primarily as an engineering officer. He completed one deployment to the Arabian Gulf in 2008, a tour that involved a diverse range of operations from anti-piracy to anti-drug trafficking. After leaving the navy Cameron briefly worked for Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC). Since, Cameron has been writing and teaching. Some of his work has appeared in the Washington Times. He is currently a graduate student at George Mason University.

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  1. You left out how the Gubermint has become a three tiered society of the Privileged, the Collectors, and Serfs.

    The Privileged are the Pols, Burrocrats, Unions (esp public), Greens, and a few other assorted cronies. They operate largely outside of market forces, funded by mandates on the Collectors.

    The Collectors are the Main Street owners and management who direct and manage the creation of the new wealth in the private sector that is the nation’s life blood. They are forced by the Privileged to collect the life blood from their workers (the Serfs), and turn this over to the Privileged.

    The Serfs are the workerbees for Main Street. They are hard working folks whose life force is redirected thru the Collectors to the Privileged for the Privileged own use. The Privileged make all sort of promises to the Serfs that they too will be in Paradise if they vote for more Privileged. To secure the deal, the Privileged hand out a few tidbits of their Privileged life outside of market forces to buy votes from the Serfs, and do so with the claim that the Serf’s suffering is all the Collectors fault.

    It’s a perfect system — for collecting votes. However, when it comes to balanced budgets and growing dynamic prosperity for all — not so much… But that sort of stuff only matters for those who earn money the hard way (aka the Collectors). It’s not a concern for the Privileged because there are so few Collectors and soooo many Serfs and even more living the fantasy on funemployment of some sort.

    What could possibly go wrong…

  2. I consider myself as a Conservative, just because there are people out there that call themselves Conservatives does not make them conservative. If we would expose those politicians for what they really are, there would be no need to change labels. What’s going to stop those that are calling themselves Conservatives now, call themselves Nationalist if that suits their fancy. Lets make Conservativism mean something rather then changing labels. The problem is not in labels it’s who we elect and re-elect. A corrupt politician is still a corrupt politician no matter what they call themselves.

    1. Thank you for the comments. Here is my perspective: I believe that names like conservative are more than just labels but have real meaning and power, which stresses their importance. And while I certainly agree that who we elect is a concern, there are far deeper problems with the basic structure of our government. That cannot be changed or resolved by an election, and it certainly wont be changed by the Republican Party. In my view we need a nationalist mass movement to affect the kind of transformational change we need.

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