The Wave Of Conservatism Has Started

I remember my grandfather telling me that politics is like the pendulum of a clock, it will swing left for a while than it will start to swing right, and then back again, I learned a lot from my grandfather. Well I am happy to say the pendulum has finally started to move in the right direction, thank God. Oh, it hasn’t reached here yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Seems like our friends down under, Australia, are starting the ball rolling, Reuters reports: Australia’s conservative leader Tony Abbott swept into office in national elections on Saturday as voters punished the outgoing Labor government for six years of turbulent rule and for failing to maximize the benefits of a now fading mining boom. It was a weary repudiation of ‘nanny state’ government. Australian’s collectively just said to the politicians, “Let Me up I’ve had enough!” And enough they have had. What was it that Aussie’s have had enough of?

“Much of this nannyism is being driven by the media who drum up hysterical reports demanding ministers do something. In turn, the government’s panicky PR obsessed apparatchiks respond with pointless and unnecessary laws and rules. Often duplicating those that already exist.” The new Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, campaigned on a platform of rolling back such universal vestiges of statism, including Carbon and Mining taxes, unregulated immigration and runaway spending, gee that sounds familiar.

When I first read about this I was a little confused, you see down under they call Conservatives, Liberals, so I had to read it over a few times before I got it straight. However, make no mistake about it, Conservatives are now in power in Australia, people are fed up with the party of big Government and entitlements for all, gee, that sounds familiar too.

I know you Liberals out there are saying “So what, it’s only one country” yes it is, but let me bring your attention to another country, Norway, that’s right, Liberal Norway has now gone Conservative. Erna Solberg was elected the Conservative Prime Minister of Norway, She is nicknamed “Iron Erna” for her robust views when she served in the cabinet between 2001 and 2005. She said, “We will give this country a new government.”

It is the same story throughout history, Progressives get into power by promising the world to everyone, people fall for all the Bull Shit, Progressives get into power, the country starts to fall apart, then they turn to Conservatives to make things right, it’s been happening for thousands of years.

Ms Solberg told supporters in Oslo: “Today the voters have produced a historic election victory for the right-wing parties. We will give this country a new government.” As she voted, Ms. Solberg told reporters she had “been working for four years, intensively to build a wider and stronger platform for the Conservative Party.” She also said that she wanted to “reduce some of the world’s highest tax rates to give the private sector more breathing room.” Another thing that sounds familiar.

Make no mistake the Conservative wave has started, it hasn’t reached here yet but with an incompetent President and a country in decline it is only a matter of time. Once again the Conservatives will come to the rescue. Like I have always said, Liberal policies always sound good in theory, but when it comes to reality, never works.

Liberals need to step aside for the second coming. It’s about time.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Sorry, man, but the country won’t get more conservative, and the pendulum won’t swing in the conservative direction, anytime during the next few decades.

    In fact, demographics alone indicate that moderate, not conservative, voters are the key to winning elections outside one-party cocoons, and the country is getting, and will continue to get, ever less hospitable to conservatism, conservatives, and Republicans.

    Republicans will either become more moderate in word and deed and reach out to moderate voters, minorities, youngsters, and women (especially minority women), or they will never again be a nationally competitive party.

    Australia and Norway are not comparable to the United States in any way whatsoever. Not even close.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but just like in those countries people are fed up with Liberal policies that take us no where but down. They will turn to the opposite party when things get bad enough.

      1. The problem with that hope, is that it might then be too late to save US. Some say it’s too late already. I tend to agree.

        1. I felt that same way when Carter was President, then Reagan changed everything. I must admit that Obama is worse than Carter and things do seem hopeless, but the point is no matter how bad it gets, things can change.

  2. Well Chris you got replies to your thoughts from a Socialist and someone with a picture that is half of an Obama emblem and half of a Nazi Symbol. The latter just wants to throw in the towel and give up. But then again maybe the person is just happy with the situation as is. In either case we see what the great society’s of their persuasion and leanings have produced through out our history, genocide, unimaginable human suffering, stagnation and collapse. Honestly it is not about conservatism of liberalism, I was born neither. I was born an American and I believe in American exceptional-ism when it is freely allowed to be practiced and protected by our Constitution. Liberalism today is an enemy to our Constitution. A moderate is an American protecting our rights, freedoms and liberties under our Constitution using our Second Amendment rights if need be. These rights and freedoms judge no one and protect all Americans, conservative, liberal and the useful idiots!

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