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Dr. Michael Savage: An Authentic Conservative Voice Crying Out in the Progressive Wilderness

Savage and Teddy

Being an authentic conservative often means standing outside the inner-circle where conservatives should stand together fighting the progressives destroying America and the Constitution.

Dr. Michael Savage understands the alienation and fight better than anyone in radio and print news. He’s banned from entering Great Britain and placed on a terror-watch list for excising non-violent free speech.  Savage has never called for the killing of Muslims and gays.

I’m not sure if being banned from a country where people boil everything they eat and everyone marries their cousin is punishment.

The lack of camaraderie has been wielded against Dr. Michael Savage often. I still wonder where conservatives were when Savage was banned from entering the UK? Why weren’t fellow radio hosts screaming “this is a violation of free speech” and “If this can happen to Savage, it can happen to all of us!”

The fact is, authentic conservatives like Savage, working to restore our Constitutional Republic from socialism overrunning this nation into a soft-communist malaise, are trashed by the Left and Republican elites (who became Democrats for minority vote-grabbing) saving the can and kicking the Tea Party down the road.

I believe moderate Republicans (Democrats in cheap GOP suits) are fearful of Savage’s voice: Heavens! He might offend the people conservatives must stand up against and expose—Islam and illegal aliens—rather than trying to appease America’s greatest threats so the party can say “see, we’re really not racists.”

If you’re conservative, you will be deemed racist no matter what, so why waste time appeasing voters who disdain traditional values and the Constitution, and why pander to the Left that invents non-existent hate for profit?

Savage does not, that’s why he’s popular with millions of Americans:

People listen to me to get a different point of view.


Savage doesn’t douse his words in political PCP and wrap his views in Reince Priebus’s pink panties in order to pander to leftists who deserve a good kick in the political ass for destroying this nation from within.

Sugar-coating turns Americans off. People want reason with blunt honesty. For heaven’s sake, we are not Europe, despite what Democrats would have you think! This is America, the land of cowboys!

Have any of you ever seen a French cowboy?

Did that mental image scare any of you out of this Euro-Statist coma we are in?

In his best-seller Trickle Down Tyranny, Savage demonstrates how Lenin’s Statism is Obama’s vision for America:

[Lenin] thought that a nation could only grow more prosperous when it was controlled by a vanguard, an elite…No more haves and have-nots. No more private property. Only boundless prosperity. All Russia had to do was transfer its entire wealth to Lenin’s elite. The Leninist vision  had terrible consequences. If you didn’t want to relinquish your property, Leninists would take it.

Expansive government says “get sick and you are on your own without government, you’ll have to depend on yourself if you don’t have government to feed and cloth you!” But isn’t that what Americans know to be the best success–self-reliance without government dependence?

Savage points out:

Like the Leninists elite, they’ve [Soros, Obama, progressives, the EU] conned the world into believing that they’re looking after the interests of ‘the people’ when in fact they’re in the process of seizing control of the world’s financial assets at the people’s expense.

We’ve allowed everything we disdain to seize control. We put America’s interests last and our enemies first. Conservatives stopped fighting GOP interests while our economy crumbles and money is lost to our enemies.

Going along for the cause is Progressive. Even when it sticks like hard, raw peanut butter on their tonsils, leftists would rather die than admit Islam is evil and breeds terrorists and illegals are “turning the melting pot into a chamber pot.”

Note to Leftists and moderate Republicans: The chamber pot is not something California Food Stamp surfers smoke in the judge’s office. But you would have to read one of Dr. Savage’s many medical books to understand that.

Savage is unafraid to address the trampling of God and Biblical core values our founders upheld and practiced–absolute laws. Savage calls out the activist Supreme Court judges and those communist inbreed “Dogs of Hate” are abolishing our Judeo-Christian heritage with authorized Statist “Religion-Free Zones” in our schools.

 Dr. Savage believes in national sovereignty and is not afraid to admit it: Sovereignty is national pride, something American’s have been taught to hate, because Hitler, a leftist, misused nationalism for destructive means as all progressives do.

Our nation is threatened from within by leftists and moderate Republicans forging socialist deals with Democrats recreating a newly ordered American society like the European Union:

[O]ur federal officials seem to be allies of those international forces who would override our democracy…The emergence of an international social liberalism, which is at its core soft-communism, is a very real threat to the sovereignty of our nation. Forces from within and without our country continue to try and tell us that we are out of step with the rest of the world. The “sophisticated” Europeans laugh at us for our naiveté and our clinging to religion and family values. These Euro-socialists and their American counterparts see a terrible beauty struggling to be born, a beauty that would like to sweep away our dying civilization and bring us into an unbrave new world.


Let those vaporized “Aunt Pitty Pats” laugh at us! Who cares if we conservatives stand on the outside because we believe Americans should speak Standard English, illegal aliens should be deported, and Mitt Romney lost the election because 1. He’s a Democrat, and 2. If Democrats wanted a woman on their ballot, they would have put Hillary on the ticket!  

This is why people listen to the Savage Nation: Honesty. If Republicans spoke like Michael Savage, Democrats would put a fork in themselves.

In Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, Dr. Savage spoke directly to liberals of something that now screams loudly of modern-day Republicans:

In the end, your tolerance of the intolerable is actually reflection of your loss of clarity; your tolerance of virtually everything and your “anything goes” attitude is not a mark of liberalism, it’s a mark of the degeneration of your ability to judge anything.



While the left is marshalling their battalions to assault the pillars of America, the right is disorganized and provides little national leadership.


Conservatives, don’t let the GOP Machine and its supporters silence, gag, and shut out those defending our nationalism and liberty. As Joseph Farah says: “If we don’t all hang together, as they say, we’ll all hang separately.”

Stand up like Michael Savage and let progressives know what we patriots will do to them and their polices: Disorganize them with our battalions of liberty.


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Lisa Richards

Lisa Richards is a life-long Conservative Republican with a capital "C," fighting leftist progressivism like a hyped-up hormonal verbal paper-shredder on over-drive. A writer of politics and history, Richards believes in upholding an defending the Constitution and American Exceptionalism without apologies. Lisa Richards Holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University. She resides in her native state of Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals

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  1. Liz…I share you opinion on Savage…My regret is that when he first wrote “The Enemy Within” I & othrs didn’t rake it to heart. Am curious as to ‘why’ most other radio/tv hosts don’t seem to respect him????

  2. True Jan. I have every book Savage has written except his medical books–which are next on list to buy since I’ve heard they are incredible.

    Enemy Within predicts exactly what will happen in 2008 and it happened.

    Trickle Down Tyranny is predicting what will happen if we don’t get rid of progressives and RINOs.

    Savage’s predictions always come true. He really has the handle on it all, which is why I have been listening to him for decades and appreciate his honesty and his fact-based arguments with data evidence we can look up to find is true.

    We need to be honest and call it like it is and get conservatives on the tickets and stand with out fellow conservative voices and stop allowing the RINOs to trash them as they are doing Savage for telling the truth. We need to restore America, to save her, and we must stand together as conservatives, not apart or the left and moderates will take us down

  3. I think Joe Dan Gorman makes an excellent point that goes to perhaps the single most critical fault in our conservative efforts; that is a lack of a strong national media that assaults the liberal ideals in the same way that the national propaganda “ministry” does to conservative ideals (aka “mainstream” media – mainstream my a__!). Everything we do generates money in the hands of someone – the point being that anytime you turn on, click, or otherwise activate something in the media money transfers – Bloomberg is rich at our expense! At the very least we must stop using THEIR outlets and support those media sourses that support US!I love TRCM but it is clear I have to leave it alone!

    Conservatives, by nature, are independant and often outside the circle as you point out. If I were a racist – I’m not, I’m a culturalist – I might be tempted to seek out and join the KKK. But my nature is to reject all tribalism, which is repulsive to me no matter who the group is made up of. I dislike clubs and groups and anything that would require a consensus on my part! And I think a lot of conservatives think the same way, which is why they are conservative in the first place.

    But this could very well be our fatal flaw! We must set this aside, somehow, and bind together. We need a strong Conservative Leadership that can bring us all together. We need a strong National Voice that isn’t terrified the oppostion will shred them. But even not having that we need to collectively shout back at the accusation that we are racists or what ever else; “Yeah? And yo mama wears ARMY BOOTS!” Today the accusations are as old as the dirt and equally as tired and any reaction to such drivel should be treated as School Yard ninnyism!
    We need to gain the initiative and force the liberals back on THEIR heels. Right now we react to every accusation in defense. We forget that the best Defense is a good Offense and I’m FOR offending – no more mister nice guy!
    The current Republican Leadership is a bunch of wimps and pansies that are deathly afraid that the libereal media is going to hurt them! WE need to hurt them and boot them to the curb. We need to replace them with TRUE LEADERS and we need to attact liberals where they stand. We need to make Conservative points in every TV AD, Radio Spot, Magazine article, sit-com, movie, college course – what ever – and win BACK the minds that are now LOST!

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