Payback For The 1960’s

After the Zimmerman trial there has been a big uproar about how the black communities have collapsed over the years, well once again we have to look at all those bleeding heart Liberals for the cause of it all. Back in the 1960’s Liberals came up with all these laws, policies and programs that were supposed to help and elevate the black community, so what happened?

As usual, Liberal policies sound good in theory, but never work in the real world.  I cannot think of one time that a Liberal policy made any sense at all. Socialism, which is what the Liberals are truly after, has been a failure throughout history, once again, sounds good in theory but when it comes to reality it is nothing but a big disaster. The social engineering Liberal policies of the 1960’s were a big failure.

Liberals big push for social engineering has back fired on them big time, but will they admit it, of course not, they will just go on blaming everyone else for being racist, that is why the black community is falling apart. A program that pays unwed mothers for every child they have sounded like a compassionate thing to do, but did Liberals ever stop and think that women would just go on having babies just to collect more money? So they paid for housing for these mothers and paid them for every child that they had, did they ever stop and think that these children would grow-up in poverty and just continue the cycle of staying in poverty? Paying people to be poor, only keeps them poor.

The war on poverty is a war that America has lost.  During his first State of the Union speech in 1964,  President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered a message to America. His goal was clear: To eradicate poverty in America. Today, nearly 50 million Americans are living below the poverty income line, so what happened to the big Liberal policy that was supposed to eradicate poverty in this country, After 50 years of failed policies and over $15 trillion of taxpayer money spent, America’s war on poverty has been an absolute disaster. Once again I say to the Liberals of America, paying people to be poor, only keeps them poor.

Bill O’Reilly caused a big uproar when he talked about the black community crumbling because of the traditional family, with 76% of black babies being born out of wedlock. However, this is nothing new, back in 1965 Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a report that stated, “At the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family, it is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time. The role of the family in shaping character and ability is so pervasive as to be easily overlooked. The family is the basic social unit of American life; it is the basic socializing unit. By and large, adult conduct in society is learned as a child.” This is from a Liberal Democrat, why didn’t anyone listen to him in 1965?

The more Liberals try to help minorities, the more they are held back. Instead of telling minorities to go out and build a future for themselves, they drum into them that they are victims of society and they need Government to take care of them. Let’s be truthful here, it is not only the black community that is crumbling, but society as a whole, if we do not stand up and fight against these Liberal policies we will eventually become a second rate nation. Liberals want to tear down every facet of traditional America, the more we get away from these traditions, the more our society crumbles. After all, these traditions have worked for thousands of years, and every nation has fallen when they turned away from them.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. I agree completely Chris. The likes of Jackson, Sharpton and others like them will never allow for any positive direction to free their slaves ever. It has become their Plantation now. It is the fertile ground that offers them a big profit to line their pockets. The press would never allow it because of the constant story lines strife with the racism to stoke future fires. Without minority demise we would never have the batch of completely quacked out nut job liberal women in congress like Maxine Waters and Corine Brown. We will never get the Goodnights or the Walton wisdom until we can all say Goodbye to Obama.

  2. Well, that was depressing enough. This is truly one time I’d love to disagree…but can’t….We have solidly divided our precious country into ‘teams’.
    We have the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians & those wanting to form yet another team with all vying for a single trophy….Too bad we can’t just skip the brackets and take the best from each & have AMERICA’S TEAM to lead the plays to victory….but as long as team is replaced with ‘me & I” nothing like this will never happen….so(groan) back to reality…. speaking of reality about the Liberals ‘helping’ the poor. Ain’ta happening…they’re are just power grabbing & making the poor forever dependent on others

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