I Often Wonder

I have often wondered how many men have died in past wars, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War? The Civil War alone, almost 700,000 men lost their lives, America has seen many wars both foreign and domestic where many lives have been lost. I often wonder, are all those souls looking down at us now saying, we died so you can have freedom and now you have let it been taken from you.

What about our Founding Fathers, are they saying, we gave you the makings of a great country, how did you let it slip out of your hands? Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, are they watching from above shaking their heads thinking how in the hell did they screw up such a good thing.

My father did not fight in World War 2 because he had a punctured ear drum, but he did his bit by working in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, working 12 hours a day 6 days a week. I had one uncle in the Navy, two uncles in the Army and one uncle in the Merchant Marines, my uncle who was in the Navy was torpedoed and spent three days in the ocean waiting to be rescued. I often wonder what they would think about this county today, because our freedoms, the ones they fought for, have been taken away little by little.

I often wonder if having a tyrant in office is part of Gods plan to wake us up, to make us realize what we have lost? It seems we have lost the first, second and fourth Amendments of the Constitution under this President, a President who thinks only he knows what is best for all people. A President who, if you speak against his policies and beliefs, will silence you with the full power of the Federal Government, how dare we disagree with him. We now have a President, who truly believes that Government is the answer to all things, but what can you expect from a man who has lived off the tit of the Government his entire life, who knows nothing about the private sector.

I often wonder about our soldiers fighting overseas today, are they sitting in foreign lands reading the headlines thinking what the hell is going on over there? Are they asking themselves, what am I doing here fighting, when their own Government cannot be trusted?  They fight to protect the Constitution, but they watch as the politicians in Washington step all over it.

I often wonder, when I shuffle off this earth what kind of country will my children and their children be living in. If it is anything like it is today, I feel very sorry for them, this is not the country I was born into. We now have a Government that has grown so big, that it cannot control itself, no one accepts responsibility and the blame is always someone else’s.

Tyranny is defined as the office, authority, or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler. That is truly, what Obama thinks he is, he forgets, we the people are his boss.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Great article Chris, I am sure many people are wondering the same thing, I know I am.

  2. I think you’ve read our minds with this one, Chris. It’s a sad state of affairs when you add to this that ‘we’ were so complacent & blind.

    But tell me, Have you figured out how Obama got an entire population in that ‘hand basket’ to hell? Let’s pray that the one falling out can still stand & fight.

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