We Need To Shrink The Executive Branch

In light of these most recent scandals, and egregious assaults on the First Amendment of The United States Constitution, by The Obama Administration, in regards to the wiretapping of journalists at Foxnews, and The Associated Press – as well as The I.R.S. admission to having targeted political groups whose politics they didn’t agree with – we are seeing a number of officials from The Obama Administration, including The President, himself, to Attorney General Eric Holder, onto Lois Lerner of The I.R.S., denying that they knew anything in regards to these scandals.

Attorney General Holder is the man in charge at The Department of Justice; Lois Lerner is the Director of The Exempt Organizations at The I.R.S – that decides which groups can obtain tax exemption; and The President, of course, is in charge of the entire Executive Branch of The Federal Government.

Thus far, it has been proven, via a signed document by Eric Holder, that he did know about the wiretapping of journalists, the seizure of their e-mails, and “may” very well have perjured himself by stating otherwise to Congress. Lois Lerner, cowardly, pleaded The 5th, and is on administrative leave, which “suggests” that she may know more then she is willing to say. And, The President continues to act as if he is as shocked as we are, in regards to these outrageous assaults on The U.S. Constitution, and our Personal Liberties.

If The President truly didn’t know about any of these “scandals,” which I find very hard to believe, then, he is, at the very least, admitting to The American people that, The Executive Branch of The Federal Government has grown so big that, he, The President, is clueless as to what is going on in his own Administration. And, if that is the case, then, in my humble opinion, The President should, immediately, get over to Congress and begin explaining that The Executive Branch is WAY TOO BIG, and why it needs to be cut, exponentially.

Imagine if The President, whose true Constitutional duty, as Commander of Chief of the Armed Forces, were to admit that, he has no clue as to what is going on in regards to our military, and potential foreign threats against our country. That, of course, would be extremely disconcerting. And, if that were the case, then, we would have both a rogue intelligent agency and a rogue military, with no civil authority overseeing or directing either. And, if The Chief Executive of The Executive Branch of our Federal Government can be so oblivious to these scandals, as he claims, then, we can be sure that we do, indeed, have a rogue Administrative State, with little to no guidance or over site from either The President or Congress.

Regardless if The President is telling us the truth or not, we know for a fact that, we do have a Federal Government that is way too big, and way too involved in our lives. And, for anyone to deny this, they are not only deluding themselves, but they are willfully allowing for a most tyrannical form of Government to take root, in The United States – which will jeopardize the Liberties and Constitutional Protections of all Americans, regardless of party or political affiliation.

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