NYC “Progressives” Busy Creating Rights Where None Exist

statue of libertyJust when you thought “progressives” in New York City couldn’t get any nuttier, the’ve decided to outdo themselves. In a leap of insanity so far off the mark even Nanny Bloomberg can’t support it, New York City Council’s committees on immigration and government relations will hold joint hearings today to discuss a proposal that would allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

You read that right.

Obviously, citizenship is a requirement for voting nationwide but the brain trust in New York City is leading the charge to undermine one of our most basic rights as citizens and it looks like they’re going to get away with it – at least initially.

According to the New York Daily News, supporters of this unspeakable idiocy say they have a veto-proof majority. Councilman Dan Dromm, a co-sponsor of the proposal, went so far as to say, “This is extremely important, because it’s based on the founding principle of this country and that was, ‘No Taxation Without Representation.’ All of the people who would be included in this and would be allowed to vote are paying taxes, they’ve contributed to society.”

The “contribution to society” Dromm speaks of is being physically present in the United States and a non-citizen resident of NYC for at least six months. “Non-residents” who wish to vote must also do New Yorkers the favor of not being convicted felons.

The proposal is aimed at green card holders, not illegal immigrants. Yet. However, the drive to allow residents who are not citizens to vote is not only a clear push for an even greater “progressive” voting base in NYC, it is also a stepping stone toward granting illegal aliens the same rights as actual citizens, both those who are natural born and those who’ve immigrated legally.

The bright side to this slap in the face is that if it passes as expected, it will face many legal challenges. Not only are decisions on voting rights are up to the New York State Legislature, not a gaggle of blowhards on the City Council, but this nonsense quite clearly violates the New York state constitution. So it is not so much this specific flight of fancy we need to worry about, but the ever increasing “progressive” intention of undermining the rights of the American people.

Read the proposal in its entirety here.

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