There Is No Doubt About Obama Now

If there is any doubt in your mind about what Obama’s intentions have been, well wonder no more. There are many who believe that Obama truly wants to run this country into the ground, in his own words he has said that he wants to “fundamentally transform” our country, there should be no doubt that is exactly what he is doing.

We are all still feeling the effects of the mortgage meltdown that Bill Clinton started, when he launched a massive campaign of social engineering. Clinton thought that the mortgage industry was racist, (Jesus, do the Liberals know any other word?) Therefore, he decided to force banks to lower their standards for minorities, so that they can qualify for mortgages. Why minorities are not insulted because of that I will never understand, but that is another story for another day. Because of that bit of genius, millions were unable to pay their sub-prime loans, and they took the banks down with them. The housing market and the economy, are still recovering from that Liberal debacle. Now all those minorities that could not afford the house to begin with, are worse off now than when they started, because their credit is now shot, Liberal policies always do more harm than good, when will people learn?

In comes Obama with his new master plan, ignoring the lessons of the housing bubble, Obama has rehired many of the Clinton people who inflated it in the first place, pursuing the same misguided policies that try to force people into homes they can’t afford in the name of fairness. One banking official, ex-BB&T CEO John Allison, predicts that because of these policies, “There will be another incredibly destructive crisis in our financial system in the next 10 to 15 years.” The administration is launching sub-prime 2.0.

“It’s particularly galling that the people who are using the crisis to extend regulation are the same ones who sponsored the government policies that created the crisis,” said Peter Wallison, former member of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a government group created to look into the causes of the 2008 crash. Thanks to a failure of accountability, the same social engineers who caused the crisis have wormed their way back into power. Moreover, they are doubling down on their monstrous mistakes, inviting another housing calamity.

Only a Liberal would dust off a failed policy and call it a good policy, a policy that almost collapsed the American economy. However, we have to look at who we are dealing with, a President that was voted the most Liberal Senator in 2007 and has turn farther left since he has won re-election. I don’t know about you, but this says only one thing to me, he wants the collapse of America. Let’s face it; his policies so far have done nothing to bring back the economy, as a matter of fact, they have prevented our economy from growing, by instituting Obama-Care and a wave of new taxes and Government regulation.

Obama’s seemingly intent, is to bankrupt our nation, how can we perceive any different, after five years in office, his excuse for not having the economy turned around is that it “was the worst recession since the great depression,” how much longer is America going to believe his B.S. I still say the only way to get this economy turned around is to get rid of Obama and all his Liberal policies, we have a chance in 2014.

I want to bring up one thing, because I know it angers Liberals. George Bush tried to rein in Fannie and Freddie because he saw what a disaster it was becoming, but was stopped by the Democratic majority, had he been successful, we might not have had the housing melt down. Eat that Liberals.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. 10 or 15 years? I dare say it’ll come sooner than that.

    That aside, one doesn’t need Subprime 2.0 to recognize Obama’s regime is deliberately trying to collapse this society. He and his cohorts hate American “colonialism,” as they see it. They’re attacking the American way of life and law-abiding citizens on every front.

    Unless the American people rise up en masse and bring this thugocracy to justice for high treason, we will fall as a nation. And then our hell will really begin.

  2. They enacted Martial Law to shut down a city to catch a murderer. He is caught by chance before he is silenced forever by death from his wounds. Then brought back from the brink he is silenced by Obama’s minions in what was once maybe a Department of Justice. Rights for the unjust who vanquished the innocent who will never have justice. This is as dispicable as the deed itself. We can never talk about human rights in our world when our own stage is a mess with the carnage of the innocent at the hands of malcontents.

    Bombs, Guns, Knives, Spears, Cars, Planes can all be weapons of mass destruction when they are given direction and intent in the minds and hands of mad men. No law of legislation will ever stop or change that given. Obama knows that. Weapons are also a deterant in the hands of authority and responsible people. Obama knows that also. He could care less about the first part but the second part could be a problem for him down the road. Liberals and the media are his useful idiots. Fresh victims or their survivors are cut so deeply in their emotional loses that they make wonderful props for his agenda. So he parades them before cameras and around Washington shouting we need to do whats right. That is the workings of a sick mind and the peak of irresponsible leadership on his part.

    Don’t think for one minute that the despots of the world aren’t watching this. For them, they would not have silenced this person who did the bombing, just the room he was in. As for Benghazi, those four Americans would be alive today if it were Bush. He may have dropped the ball at times but he is still a Patriot. Obama is just an agent with an agenda. Given what he has done and is still doing, absolutely no one could be that stupid and be president.

    Jerry T

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