Sympathy for Dzhokhar

On Saturday I suggested that the main stream media, specifically CBS was starting the effort to setup Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a victim in the Boston Marathon bombings. It soon followed that other media systems began building on the “sympathy for Dzhokhar” story.

In the “Sunday spin” for Washington politicians Senator Dianne Feinstein of California brought the “sympathy for Dzhokhar” out of the media and into the political realm with her statement, regarding his enemy combatant status, “I do not believe … that he is eligible for that. It would be unconstitutional to do that”. Keep in mind that this is the same senator that has been the foremost senate advocate for disregarding the Second Amendment (or second of of our Bill of Rights) for all other Americans.  Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

In the coming days watch and you will see a decided effort by many in Washington and in the media begin to regurgitate Feinstein’s orchestrated message. Within a week we will witness Chris Mathews claim that calling Dzhokhar an enemy combatant is being racist.

As I predicted, today President Obama has joined the bandwagon to exonerate this terrorist from what he is rightfully described as, an enemy combatant.  I refuse to engage in a debate about the semantics of the phrase “enemy combatant”.

I firmly and completely defend every citizen’s right to a fair trial. I defend their right to be presumed innocent before being presumed guilty…in a court of law.  However, the evidence is overwhelming that these brothers were engaged in a terrorist act.  Further, it is indisputable that they killed a police officer, and engaged in a gun battle with other officers (causing injury and property damage).

Senator Feinstein and President Obama fail to comprehend the role of the Executive Branch of the federal government. It is not the same role as the Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch is, in fact, tasked with “presuming guilt” after careful investigation into evidence.  The Executive Branch does not have the same mandate to ALWAYS presume innocence.  Once the Executive Branch has presumed guilt it is their duty and obligation to present relevant facts to the Judiciary, which should always presume innocence, until the evidence provides sufficient reliable proof beyond reasonable doubt.

Barack Obama was trained attorney.  His role as an attorney was to sustain innocence (or not violation of law).  Further, his only work experience was as a community organizer.  Community organizing is simply defined as the orchestrated effort to disassociate “special interests” from the obligations placed on the whole of society.  It is his training and experience which lead Obama to undermine his obligations as the Chief Executive.  His personality simply pushes him in that direction.  Senator Feinstein comes from a community that has a long and ardent history of exempting itself from the mainstream social fabric.

First and foremost Congress should remain silent on the issue of guilt or innocence.  Their job has been completed.  They passed Bills, which were signed by the President, to become law.  They now have no role in the guilt or innocence of individuals under those laws (beyond assuring that the President executes them).  In short Senator Feinstein, along with the mad rush of her colleagues to find an open mic, should simply shut-up.

President Obama, likewise should shut-up his efforts to make a political statement out of his obligations under law.  His role is to provide evidence to the courts regarding why he deems a terrorist as guilty.  Propagandizing the case does nobody, not even himself any value.  He needs to do his job, not his politics and training.

As for me I would not make a good juror.  I am 100% convince that the terrorist was exactly that a terrorist.  His intentions were to destroy lives, property, and peaceful association of American citizens.  That ladies and gentlemen is an enemy combatant.  Do not let your media or elected officials persuade you differently.

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  1. Good article William.I said a similiar thing in my article on Dzhokar speaks saying he’ll probably end up teaching in college somewhere like Obama’s terrorist friend Bill Ayers who set bombs off at the pentagon,capital and N.Y. police station and now teaches in college..

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