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School cites racist response to West tragedy in firing counselor

School cites racist response to West tragedy in firing counselor

Individuals on both sides of the political aisle have been known to manipulate tragic events to suit their own ideological bent.
Those on the lunatic left, though, unquestionably entertain this prospect with a spirit of vitriol unmatched by their conservative counterparts. Such was the case with a social media comment by, of all people, a public school counselor in Texas.
The Grand Prairie Independent School District fired Karon Wright after an incredibly insensitive comment on her Facebook page seemed to support the genocide of whites.
“It’s amazing the ‘whites’ get angry when Obama speaks,” the post on her account read shortly after a fertilizer plant explosion in nearby West killed numerous residents and first responders while injuring countless others. “Oh well….its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol [sic].”
Unbelievably, Wright was the woman young students were told to turn to for guidance and support. If she truly embraces these extreme beliefs, I cannot imagine the “counseling” she must have given to unwitting white kids.
For its part, when the school district became aware of the post, administrators fired Wright and released a statement.
In its response, the district called the Facebook post “highly offensive, insensitive to the tragedy happening to our friends and neighbors in West, and disrespectful to the very human bond that we share with the people of West.”
Wright’s defense is that her account was hacked and she has since hired an attorney to contest her dismissal.
It’s become all too common to hear leftists spew unconscionable rhetoric directed at conservatives in general and white conservatives specifically. Usually those reports come from the typical liberal enclaves on either coast. I’m reminded in cases such as this, though, that sometimes the hatred can pop up in my own back yard – deep in the heart of Texas.
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B. Christopher Agee

B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

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  1. Teachers/counselors like lawyers & doctors are not supposed to make comments of that nature. Its in bad taste & should not be discussed w/ the media, reporters, or over a loud speaker. Our school employees are supposed to have some class. Its too bad that of late they are showing their low morals, uncouth statements, & typically not intelligent enough to work in the school system. WE pay their salary, and of course every year they want more $$$. Should we not expect courteous from them.

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