Testimony reveals disgusting abortion practices

During the testimony phase of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, some reprehensible and unfathomable allegations have surfaced about the conditions and practices of his abortion clinic.
One employee confessed on the stand that, under Gosnell’s orders, she cut the spines of 10 or more babies to sadistically murder babies. Gosnell and at least one colleague also engaged in the barbaric practice, she testified.
In another unbelievable incident, the medical assistant told the court of one dead child left in her office from an abortion conducted almost 30 weeks into the pregnancy.
Given the baby’s color and size, she said she firmly believed he could have easily survived outside of the womb. The emotional witness testified Gosnell callously mused the child was large enough to walk to the bus stop.
The jury saw photos of the viable human’s corpse and even heard from his mother, who was a minor with one child already. She suffered through three days of abortion procedures and was ultimately hospitalized for two weeks with multiple serious complications.
In all, Gosnell is accused of causing the deaths of several live-birth babies. Additionally, at least one mother died when the doctor reportedly administered too much medication during an abortion.
As if those accusations were not enough, he also allegedly made extra money by selling prescriptions to drug addicts and dealers.
The employee who testified already pleaded guilty to a third-degree murder charge and has been in jail since 2011.
Gosnell’s attorney incredibly accused prosecutors of “lynching” the black doctor and touted the fact he selflessly set up his practice in a poor neighborhood instead of focusing on getting rich. The fact investigators discovered a quarter-million dollars stashed in his home during a search seems to belie that claim, though.
By sharing this tragic story, I’m not implying all – or even a significant portion – of abortion clinics in America operate under such deplorable conditions. My opinion, though, along with millions of Americans, is that the avoidable death of any child at any age of gestation is an inexcusable injustice and amounts to nothing short of legislated murder.
My hope is that by sharing the sordid details of this obviously unscrupulous “doctor” will open some previously closed eyes to this nation’s greatest shame.

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B. Christopher Agee

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