Florida college continues to target Christian group

The politically correct administrators at Rollins College first started bullying a campus group, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, by informing members they were in violation of the school’s policy on discrimination.
The Christian group, believe it or not, actually wanted to make sure its leaders are followers of Christ. Despite the fact membership is open to anyone, the college pulled the organization’s recognition because of a requirement that makes perfect sense.
A fraternal organization is built on shared beliefs and experiences and forcing a Christian group to select non-Christian leaders is indicative of the left’s idea of inclusion.
Instead of creating an environment of individual equality, in which there is room for social groups based on similar interests, the college is essentially telling the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship it must become a homogenized copy of any other group on campus.
“There’s a great feeling of disappointment because we do feel like this decision is not in the spirit of open dialogue and diversity that we know Rollins upholds as a core belief,” said one group member who wished to remain anonymous.
College leaders did not stop at pulling the group’s recognition. As four students gathered in a dormitory common area to take part in an informal Bible study, they were abruptly greeted by a resident assistant who informed them they were not allowed to meet at that location.
According to InterVarsity national field director Greg Jao, the students were told “they were no longer allowed inside the room, even with the express consent of the students to do Bible studies … because InterVarsity was no longer a registered student group on campus.”
A college source contended no groups are allowed to meet in common areas, though the Christian students feel especially targeted as a result of recent events.
Jao noted “students holding a Bible study is a little bit different than a fraternity sponsoring a kegger in a dorm.”
The bottom line is a group of Christian students have been ostracized and denigrated for their desire to spread a message of hope to their campus.
More and more, those holding traditional values and morals are being told they must change with the times or face relegation.
Fortunately, there are millions who understand Biblical principles do not change according to who is in power politically and this particular group of students seem to be standing strong on their beliefs.
“To change our policy would be to say anyone with any set of values can lead,” the student affiliated with InterVarsity explained.
According to Jao, another Christian group also lost its recognition on campus and a group of Catholic students is worried they will be next.
“I think they see it’s in the cards,” he said, adding the school’s “nondiscrimination policy is turning into an exclusionary policy in their hands and we’re hoping the college will see the irony in what’s happening.”
In the eyes of the progressives in charge, though, there is likely no irony to be seen.
Another student explained feeling the college’s opinion the group “isn’t worthy of having that voice” and members “are not valued by the college.”
Liberty loving Americans of all faiths should be outraged at the target this and other colleges have placed on faith-based groups. Limiting the First Amendment rights of any individual or organization merely represents another crack in the already crumbling fortification of liberty our Constitution was designed to be.
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  1. This morning I heard an ‘interesting’ idea that I really liked….It was suggested that all of the members of this Christian group join (or attempt to) each & every group on campus & even seek ‘office’. Just imagine the backlash, but evidence, of double standards….

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