Dumb Kids, High Gas Prices, Who’s To Blame?

The Department Of Education, as we know it today, was put in place by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. At the time a budget of 12 billion dollars a year was allocated for the D.O.E. In 2011 the D.O.E. spent 23 billion American tax dollars for better educating our children. In addition, when the department was first started, they had 3,000 employees, now over 16,000. I must ask the question, FOR WHAT? It seems to me the bigger the D.O.E. grows, the dumber our kids get. Once again, the Democrats logic is just throw more money at it and it will get better. I do not understand that kind of logic, are they all blind? More money does not equal smarter kids, why do they ignore what is staring them right in the face? If money were the answer, we would have the smartest kids on the planet. Why were our kids better educated one-hundred years ago?

If you just open your eyes, you can see why our kids are coming out of school, just as dumb as the way they went in. Educators today are more interested in teaching our kids political correctness and their ideology, more than they are interested in teaching our kids the basics of education. What happen to reading, writing, arithmetic, and the things our kids need to get by in the world. In addition, what about American History? Our kids know nothing about the history of our country, and the history they are being taught is full of left wing propaganda. Now, the school system is trying to do away with grades all together, can you believe that? Why if Johnny gets a 97% and Suzie only gets an 80% little Suzy might have her little feelings hurt, and we can’t have that, now can we? That is really preparing our kids for the real world, what schmucks these educators are.

When are people going to realize that the more government grows, the less efficient it becomes. The Department Of Education is one, and let’s not forget the Department Of Energy, you only have to look at the price at the pump to see that was a failure. Oh, by the way, do you know who started the Department Of Energy? Why it was Jimmy Carter, Jimmy you did us wrong, again. One of the main reasons the Department Of Energy was started, was to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, that really worked out well, didn’t it? When the Department Of Energy was first set up, a barrel of oil cost $12, you can see what a great job they have done, especially now that oil fluctuates between $90 and $110 a barrel. The Federal Government needs to get out of all areas, especially the education business, because our kids are paying the price. Educators do not care about educating our kids anymore, it is all about their cushy jobs and how much money they can make and retire with. This is what happens when we let government grow too big. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said, “That government is best, which governs least.”

There was just a story out of New York City, it seems that 80% of the kids graduating high school cannot read or comprehend at grade level. It seems that those entering college have to take extra classes in order to catch up with entry level reading and math, science forget about, they are so far below they will never catch up. But what is the Liberal Mayor of that city more concerned about? Trying to ban sodas that are over 16 oz, typical Liberal.

Which brings us to Obama; being the most far left President we ever had, he wants to continue to throw billions of more dollars at the D.O.E. Let’s not forget energy, this country has more energy than any other country on the planet, yet Obama refuses to go after it. I’m not against green energy, what I am against is wasting billions of dollars on green energy that does not work, while all that energy we have sits. The funny thing is, Obama could go down as one of the great presidents, if he would let all our energy flow, not only would we be energy independent, fuel prices would come down and the amount of jobs would be unbelievable, the economy would see a boom like we have never seen before. But, Obama is a Liberal, so he makes no sense at all, so he will always be remembered as another Jimmy Carter and they will be tie for the worst president award.



This is one man’s opinion


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  1. Also just for fun let me add these from the goals of the American Communist Party as reported in the Congressional Record in 1963:

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

  2. Well, Chris, you’ve done it again..You’ve given us “one man’s opinion” which seems to reflect that of ‘many man’s’. Recently I had the opportunity to see mamy of Paul Ryan’s budget ‘cuts’. Among them are SIXTY-EIGHT DUPLICATE programs in the D.O.E. In defense of the teachers, they can only teach what they have been taught..ideology & the stones that pave the way to an autocratic government…This ‘educational pavement’ can only be ripped up & replaced by daily involvement at local levels by parents & grandparents across this grand nation. We can see where ‘let Washington deal with it’ got us. I have to admit that once my children were on their way to college, I got lazy & failed to continue my due dilegence/stewardship. I let ‘others’ do it for me. Now my great grandchildren are paying the price. Tutions are on the rise & proof that ‘money’ does not buy knowledge. So, if, like me, one believes that ‘knowledge is power’..we’re on the losing end.

    If someone absolutely has to have ‘green energy’ let them by a frog farm & put Kermit in charge. That would be as productive as the programs being forced down our throats now. Besides if they fail, we could at least enjoy fried frog legs….Rather than going ‘green’ one step at a time & acknowleging the benefits from both, Obama has said, “If you don’t play my way, I’ll just take both balls & go play golf! So there!”

    The ‘Deceeites’ have drained the “Common Sense” fund & are working scraping off the residue left in the others…hmmm when that’s gone, they realy will be useless…will Obama still want them???

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