The Shot Heard Around the World

“The shot heard around the world” is most commonly taught today to be the shot that started the Revolutionary War and America’s fight for freedom. However I believe that as time has gone on, the true meaning behind “the shot heard around the world” has been quite distorted, and this can easily be tied into the media narrative today.

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been a nasty haze looming over DC, figuratively speaking of course. The need to control guns and restrict our rights seems to be the number one issue on Capitol Hill and it has been that way since that fateful December morning.

If you have studied American history then you will understand that the basis of needing to separate from Britain was the restriction of freedoms and, ironically, high taxes. I’m not calling for any succession, but I am calling for all American’s to open their eyes and read the writing on the wall.

“The shot heard around the world” wasn’t a literal shot fired out of a musket; the shot heard around the world was the order sent out by King George III to confiscate the colonists’ guns.

Are you recognizing the parallel’s yet?

The Colonists of 1775 wouldn’t stand for having their own personal weapons confiscated away from them. In that time period, weapons were hand made by each individual owner, or by a local blacksmith, not massed produced, such as the case today.

The musket was the livelihood of a family in those times. The men in the family used the gun to hunt for food and protect the family, such the need arise. They didn’t keep their guns unloaded and stored away, they kept them loaded and ready to fire at the press of the trigger.

They would be kept over or around the door. People were taught how to responsibly handle and care for the gun, because they knew they wouldn’t survive without properly knowing how to use it.

We need to read into the past and take large lessons away from the actions of those brave American’s who stood up for what they knew was right.

The original intend behind the second amendment was not to tell citizens they are allowed to bear arms when they need to put food on the table. Sen. Diane Feinstein and Sen. Chuck Schumer are completely wrong to be sitting on Capitol Hill and holding investigations as to why someone needs more than 10 rounds of ammunition to kill a deer.

Truth is, you don’t need 10 rounds of ammunition of kill a deer. BUT, you do need 10 round of ammunition to protect yourself and others from a triennial government and tyrants like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer who believe that guns must be restricted in order for our society to be safer.

And this was the original intent behind the second Amendment. Jefferson and Madison knew that if the need ever arose, the people would have to check their government. It’s like a fourth “check and balance”.

The legislation that Feinstein introduced last month, the new “Automatic Weapon Ban”, was shot down in Congress obvious. (pun intended)

What is an automatic weapon anyway? Are automatic weapons just scary “military style” looking weapons? Or how about that concealed .40 caliber handgun in my house, isn’t it automatic?

Any kind of gun ban or restriction, outside the terms of precedent leading Supreme Court cases is 100%, undeniably unconstitutional.

Furthermore, they don’t even work. The Columbine tragedy occurred when there was a national assault weapons ban, yet it still happened. I wonder why that is?

The moment that our guns are taken from us or are so heavily restricted that we won’t be able to easily obtain, use, and manage them, our country will need to take a step back and rethink the path that we’re heading down.

The Founding Fathers, with the writing and passing of the Constitution, put America on a path of freedom and extremely limited government, but I feel as if we’re living in 1940’s Russia. Something is obviously wrong.

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Chris Enloe

I am a 16 year old Conservative based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am currently a senior at North Davidson Senior High School. You can follow me on Twitter @chrisenloe.

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  1. Very good article. I particularly like your point about the “shot heard round the world”. Never thought of it that way but you are right about it.

  2. I agree with Bob’s comment about your unique’ approach I might add that particulary the young boys & wives were taught how to use a gun as well…& it wasn’t so they could hunt. Un like Obama, the settlers couldn’t sit down & talk at a beer pow wow (no beer) People mock the simple phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people ” Yes, they ridicule it, but never DISprove it…

  3. Bravo, Chris!

    To my recollection it was Hollywood in some mini series that placed the onus, well, on us – that is our Founding Patriots. Now there’s a place to learn history!

    I keep writing my Republican Representative in the 113th Congress about standing in defense of the 2nd Amendment (as well as the 4th and 10th – let’s not forget gun control infringes both of those too) and his repeated form letter comes back with the same sappy liberal Emo weep about Sandy Hook (I am not insensitive to what happened there but that isn’t about guns. That is about a sick Criminal HUMAN mind!) But “Having said that…” he does go on to vaguely promise to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

    He is a young first termer and I’m sure just as blinded by the Emo-Speak that has been preached to us all of our lives! (Emo – the inglorious propensity to be emotional rather than rational – Drama – any means is justified by the End when it “feels” good… Is it farther to Chicago by bus or do you carry your lunch!)

    There has always been this cry of indignation to the wrongs committed in this world. But ever since the Holocaust in WWII this cry has been ramped up to a level of extreme expectations. We won the War, therefore we became convinced that we could resolve any and every wrong that happens – and we seem to think it is MORE government that does this!

    Well guess what? We can’t. Keep this in mind; once Britain was kicked out of the Colonies there really wasn’t very much government left. And look how well the New States Did!

    The Constitution is all ABOUT less Government – and for very good reason. Explain it to yourself by observing just how complicated our government has become. You now have to watch it full-time to keep it in check. In the old days it was often a mere after thought!

    And I am completely desensitized by the words “Shooter” and “Shootings” in the liberal media to describe MURDER!!!

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