Student reprimanded, demeaned for ‘inappropriate’ shirt promoting abstinence

Administrators at a Florida middle school recently targeted a student they felt violated the school’s proper attire guidelines by wearing a T-shirt she brought home from a Christian youth conference.
Participants in The Silver Ring Thing promise to postpone sex until after marriage and Summer Schreiner sported a souvenir from the event as part of her school wardrobe.
The shirt, which contained the phrase, “Don’t drink and park: Accidents cause kids,” was not appropriate in the eyes of the school’s assistant principal.
Schreiner said she was on her way back from lunch when “the assistant principal tells me I need to go to the office and change my shirt.”
School leaders pointed to dress code restrictions for attire “which contains sexually explicit or oriented wording” as the basis for their complaint.
While I agree with Schreiner and her family in their contention her shirt should not violate that guideline, this was unfortunately not the end of her harsh treatment by administrators.
The 15-year-old was forced to wear a shirt proclaiming, “Tomorrow I will dress for success” for the remainder of the day, which her mother said was “humiliating for her because she came dressed for success.”
Adding insult to injury, she was not only told her morally uplifting clothing was inappropriate, she was made to look as if she arrived at school with some vulgarity emblazoned across her shirt.
“I was pretty upset,” Schreiner said. “I thought it was silly. It’s not like I was wearing a curse word or something that was promoting violence.”
For it’s part, the school district is backing up the decision to reprimand her.
The district’s communications director explained “there is sexual innuendo on the shirt and so we believe it violated our dress code policy.”
It constantly amazes me what outrages those in charge of public schools – a group overwhelmingly comprised of leftists.
While it is perfectly acceptable, if not mandatory, to teach grade school students how to engage in sexual acts of varied nature, a shirt bearing a Christian statement in favor of abstinence is deemed unacceptable.
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