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Dem Sen. Tom Harkin hasn’t seen the debt clock: ‘We’re Not Broke’

February 14, 2013: Iowa’s Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin says we don’t have a spending problem in this country. Maybe someone should show him the debt clock:

February 14, 2013 1:00 pm (EST)

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  1. Like other liberals who are out of touch, the statement that “…we don’t have a spending problem, we have a budget deficit problem.”, or “…we don’t have a spending problem we have a lack of money problem.” are okay as long as you leave it at that. But if you finish the sentence, which they don’t have the guts to do, is “…we have a budget deficit…”, “…we have a money shortage problem.”, is “When you spend as much as we have you end up with a sever deficit and cash flow problem.”

    See, if you spend more than any budget could contain, and spend all the money up until there isn’t any left, you end up with a huge deficit, and no money. This explains the reason why they said those things, without finishing the sentence they’re alright. But they dare not finish their sentences or they’d be giving themselves away that they really do know why we’re broke.

  2. If Senator Harkin knows where we can get some money that was generated by American’s paying in legal taxes, I sure wish he’d let us know so we can go get it before Socialists like him gets his sticky hands on it. He believes that there is plenty of money? Sure there is if you figure how much has been wasted on social and domestic programs that have failed years ago that we are still spending on. Each one of those programs has a central administrative office. But to administer the money, since there is so much given to that program, there are dozens of other sub administrative offices that break down the spending into dozens of different things like buying baby diapers office.

    When someone puts in for assistance, their request goes into the main office. Then to take care of every conceiveable need each main office sends in requests for money to cover those every conceivable need. They in turn send in the alloted amount of money to make up the whole check which is issued to the person. That’s also why it takes so long to get something as simple as getting assistance from one office who is supposed to have the money. And that is because there are so many other hands that have to be taken care of first.

    Get rid of all the programs and all the offices, that have personnel that draw a paycheck, pay lights, gas, and water for each and every office, desks, paper, computer systems tied into the main frame, travel pay, car allowances, expence accounts for each employee in that program, and then you’d find hundreds of billions and more than likely trillions of dollars worth of money floating around.

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