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White House Threatens Executive Order to “Deal with Guns”

While Biden sorts out what the new gun legislation should look like and Sen. Feinstein prepares her ban legislation for release on January 22nd, the President, according to Vice President Biden, may be seeking to act a bit faster.

Any gun ban legislation is likely to be slowly debated in the Senate and outright rejected in the House. With that in mind, the President may seek to unilaterally limit American’s access to firearms and accessories – a move he believes he can make on his own through an Executive Order (EO).

The EO could include just about anything the President desires and Attorney General Eric Holder is likely to enforce it as if it is fully-enacted law. Both the President and Holder have voiced idelogically-based anti-gun rights positions and could have the ATF regulate out any firearms and/or accessories the President feels are not for public consumption.

While constitutional challenges will erupt from several states, it’s a lengthy process during which Congress may then enact legislation to codify the EO and pass into law.

The recent rumblings from Feinstein, Biden and company had already escalated gun purchases to a record level and this is likely to ratchet it up further as the timeline for purchasing some guns probably just got a lot shorter.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Hey you could use some counseling and heavy anti anxiety drugs. Know what, fuck it we’ll just give you a bunch of morphine so you can live the rest of your life on a cloud with the rest of the loonies

  2. These people want a Civil War!

    Plain and simple.

    As a member of We the People I hereby declare a People’s Order!

    IMPEACH THIS President!


    They think they own us and that they can just do whatever they want! The Federal Government belongs to the people!!

    Stand UP American. Get rid of this GOD DAMNED Tyrant!

    This will be a direct attack on our Nation!

  3. Furthermore,

    If one thinks about this for a moment it would seem to indicate a certain desperation on the part of this Administration; tantamount to admitting they are not at all confident they will get what they want thru “LEGAL” means (none of it is legal, of course, since the Law of the Land Guarantees that the Federal Government shall not infringe upon our right to bear arms). The “extreme” act of issuing an EO (that would violate not only the 2nd Amendment but also very likely the 3rd and 4th as well as the 10th Amendments) to get what they want is clearly an indication that We the People do indeed have an impact on what they are trying to do. As dangerous as this is they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their Goals.

    It is time for us to not only talk but to Act. Write your Congressman and demand Impeachment. Plan to march on your State Capitol on Feb. 8th as a show of Solidarity. Sign Petitions. We the People formed this Government and it belongs to US. We do NOT belong to the Government.

    Finally. To “Not an american (not so happy being an American?) Gun Nut”; you, of course, have the right to say whatever you will under your First Amendment Rights but I find your attempt to emotionalize my personal feelings by calling me a name – another sign of loosing an argument – a bit disingenuous. If you do not uphold all of the Constitution then you do not uphold any of it. Your simple and baseless words are that of a hypocrite! Are you a hypocrite? You see, I feel that those who do not believe the Constitution should be the Law of the land should stop exercising ANY of their Constitutional rights. The next time you want to speak out against something, don’t. The next time you are arrested just go to jail and be quiet – refuse a speedy trial and certainly one by a jury of your piers. When the police bust thru your door without a warrant welcome them with open arms. Please. Be true to yourself and denounce any of your civil liberties!

    In the meantime I accept that you believe I am a moron. Is that the best you can do?

  4. Yes ,this ‘president’ will try something outside the box,and the Constitution,if he thinks he’ll get away with it.Funny how Biden talks to gun control kooks for days,but has no time to talk to people who have lost family members when a large crack head attacks an unarmed person.We don’t fit the agenda.No doubt The prez,the gov of NY,and the mayors of Bahhhstun and the Rotten Apple are going to give up their armed-to-the-teeth protection,they surely wouldn’t want to be hypocrites,would they?Surely David Gregory will protest the armed guards at his children’s school.George Soros,Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will no doubt want armed guards removed from their premises and the banks they do business with,right?There’s no hypocracy on the far loon left,right?RIGHT?

    1. Oh, of course. And you just knowwwwww they are all going to shut up and not practice their First Amendment Rights anymore because that would be more hypocrisy! Oh, my!

      Isn’t it amazing how obvious that all of what is going on invariably adds up to our destruction and yet people are still so lazy that they would rather call someone a name than apply themselves for their own protection? So afraid, that they bury themselves in that Utopian hope – hoping to not have to think about what might happen if Utopia never quite materializes? So irrational that they hope ignoring it will make it all go away? Are things better now than they were 5 years ago? Have they ever been like this in our Nations history before? This is the road to Utopia? Are they so stupid that they think giving up a little of their freedom will actually secure them a better life? When in History has that ever worked?

      When one day they find themselves sitting in a FEMA internment camp because they are just one of the minions that is inconvenient to the Imperial Government who will they be calling a moron then?

  5. This entire ‘task force’ is just more theater. This President has no more intention of ‘[considering]’ the pro gun side than he did with healthcare etc. His mind is made up….He needs to learn the difference between leadership & dictatorship. oops, maybe he already knows…Join the Boy Scouts, “BE PREPARED”

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