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Who’s the criminal in a home invasion?

Anti-gun liberals have had a field day in the U.K. and the result is increasing crime rates and incidents where the homeowners becomes the accused.

Criminals are going to burgle, assault, rape and murder. Whether they have a gun or not matters not. On the contrary, both the U.K. and Australia have seen an increase in crime as evil-doers seem to prefer an unarmed populace and the law seems to favor the criminal in some cases.

According to a article, home owners who attempt to defend their families and homes have more to worry about from the law than the criminals do.

And although many people tell me they sleep with a baseball bat beside their bed for just such an occasion, a court can view that as an element of premeditation. If the burglar is hurt, it could be you who ends up in the dock.

Even when a U.K. homeowner challenged two burglars inside his home with a legal shotgun, he and his wife spent 3 days in jail and ultimately had to leave their country out of fear.

Many U.S. states have the so-called “Castle-Doctrine” which allows someone to defend their families and property with asymmetric force. That means that if someone breaks into a home, the homeowner can use any and all means to back them out or dispatch them without fear of reprisal from law or civil action – something home invaders in those states are very aware of.

Clearly the U.K. sense of freedom is different than that in America. In the U.S., every infringement upon any right is a slippery slope towards something resembling the U.K. version. In America, the individual holds the power, unless ceded.

Once liberty is ceded to the government, no matter how small, it is nearly impossible to get back. The battle over the proposed gun ban isn’t about a certain gun, bullet or magazine – it’s about avoiding the slippery slope to seeing them all banned or regulated into uselessness. It’s about preventing many of our liberties from facing a similar fate.

The government cannot protect us from criminals and psychos. Giving up some liberty to seek a false security will continue the pattern of an over-reaching government taking more liberties after ever tragedy. At some point, Americans will have to say that here is too far, we go no farther.

If someone busts into your home in the middle of the night armed with clubs and knives, is 911 the only tool you think you need? The police won’t make it in time if all you have to defend yourself, your children and your property is a golf club.

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