Tea Party-Unite

With the re-election of Barack Obama and the continuation of Harry Reid’s reign of terror in the U.S. Senate, these are dark times for America.

For America to survive, Americans must save it.  Expressions to the contrary notwithstanding, Americans reside within the Tea Party.

Members of the Tea Party must stop their infighting turf wars if they ever hope to successfully combat those in the GOP currently working to marginalize the Tea Party.  For so long as Tea Party members struggle to peacefully co-exist, they will experience difficulty replacing “progressives” within the Republican Party.

The Tea Party must removes “progressives” from the GOP before going against the combined forces of the institutionalized “progressive” left.

The institutionalized “progressive” left is relentless, determined, well-funded, organized and extremely aggressive. Their views of America are not fondly nostalgic. Some may have even cheered the final flight of the Enterprise with the same glee that 9/11 was celebrated by Islamo-fascists in the Middle East…and for reasons that are not dissimilar. Some may have toasted the final flight of the Enterprise as an enduring, meaningful symbol of the decline of American civilization. Their goal is to bring about, by whatever means necessary, an end to what President Abraham Lincoln called “the last best hope for man on earth”.

Tea Party principles are based on the belief in the U.S. Constitution.  Across America, a huge natural constituency exists for the bread-and-butter American issues of lower taxes, reduced government, a strong national defense, secure borders and a return to the traditional American values of: E Pluribus Unum, Liberty and in God we trust.

E Pluribus Unum means from many, one. It does not mean unquestioning acquiescence to multiculturalism and diversity. Liberty means opportunity for all, not equality of results. In God we trust means reliance upon the Creator of all things. It does not mean passive acceptance of secularism, atheism or submissive surrender to “progressive” statist mandates.

The Tea Party movement began as a peaceful protest against big government, reckless government spending, high taxes and oppressive regulations. The Tea Party’s Contract from America expressed principles held by its members. The most basic being that: “Our moral, political, and economic liberties are inherent, not granted by our government.”

The principles of the Tea Party were clearly expressed in the Contract:  Protect the Constitution, reject Cap & Trade, demand a balanced budget, enact fundamental tax reform, restore fiscal responsibility and Constitutionally limited government in Washington DC, end runaway government spending, defund, repeal and replace government-run health care, pass an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy, stop the pork, and stop the tax hikes.

The American idea, the shot heard round the world, is that We The People can govern ourselves. By the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God we are entitled, by virtue of our humanity, to the maximum amount of Individual Liberties consistent with law and order, and to the Right of private ownership, not the least of which is the Right to own and decide for ourselves. These Liberties and Rights are to be equally protected by a constitutionally limited, representative government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. This is a distinctly exceptional American idea.

The “progressive” idea is that an all-powerful centrally planned government, with extreme hostility towards private ownership, forces redistribution of wealth through “progressive” policies in the name of social or economic “justice”. In order to ensure “fairness”, an oligarchy of self-imagined, self-appointed “intellectual elite” must be responsible for controlling businesses, industries and “the masses”, who are incapable of governing themselves. This idea came to America from Britain’s Fabian Socialists and Germany’s Frankfurt School. This is a European idea, not an American one.

Before the country can be united, the GOP must be united behind the American message. Before the GOP can be united, the Tea Party must be united.


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  1. Michael, believe you were writing this from my heart as well…The Tea Party has ‘proven power’ going to waste…I think the basics tenets remain intact, but has splintered due to “too many chiefs” concerned/consumed by ego & power rather than leading. In other words POOR MANAGEMENT skills. It was the ‘in-fighting’ by a select few that started the failure of my own group. It seems that it became a ‘competition’ rather than a grassroots effort. A few years back a group from one of the Southern states organized what was to be a national conference of sorts for all Tea Party groups to come together to share & exchange ideas. A reat deal of their own monies was spent to secure a venue etc. Invititations went out to all with details to include individual costs. There wasn’t sufficient acceptances to pull this off so it was canceled & the hosts ate the loss. There actually were LEADERS that responded for the entire group. One from the west coast included (out of context) in effect that HIS group didn’t share enough of the same goals!! This is DISGRACEFUL from those porporting to be true Patriots. If there is a way to to take these inflated egos & stuff them back in the teepee, let me know…..Both political parties have gotten way off the reservation…We need the Cruz’s & Rubios..WE NEED THE TEA PARTY to rise to the occassion…To all the leader & former leaders,if it’s competition & challange you want…let’s assign this administration as our opponent, not each other!!

    1. Jan,

      Anecdotes similar to your own can be told by other individuals. There are many who have had strikingly similar experiences, myself included.

      The beauty of the Tea Party has been its organic nature. There has been no single leader or even group of leaders. Therefore, “progressives” are forced to attempt character assassination on the entire movement instead of one or a handful of individuals. I believe retaining this quality is to the advantage of the Tea Party.

      However, an ongoing lack of agreement and cohesion between groups is detrimental.

      Being a big shot Tea Party leader who flies around the country making speaches and getting interviewed on TV means nothing if America fails.

      Actually, if America falls, it means those type of Tea Party leaders were well known epic failures, nothing more.

      Leaders of Tea Party groups need to put the cause first.

      1. Jet setting & Tea Party commericials or interviews does nothing to advance the cause or mission statement as intended. Perhaps it will serve to explode ‘his’ ego until it explodes & remove the debris that blocks advancement. (excuse the levity) I don’t have access/contact info for any of the groups. I DO believe there are many like you & I that are still motivated & would be willing to ‘take up arms’ to get back on path given the opportunity. As I write, I wonder if a ‘letter’ campaign to each group leader or former leaders woul be a start.???Nothing says that we all have to be directly affiliated with this ‘main man’s’ group. People WANT to do something & MUST be included in the process.. We have other contributors that are sympathatic to this cause. If you’re interested, I’ll give CDN permission to give you my email. And maybe, just maybe……at least it should be constructive & beats praying & cursing in 7 languages.

        1. You can curse in seven languages? WOW, I only know a couple!

          A carefully worded letter may be a good staplace to start. Whether or not anyone will pay heed is the twenty four thousand dollar question.

          Egos are easy to bruise. Finding those willing to put what’s right ahead of personal gain and/or achieving ego feeding fame is easier said than done.

  2. Here we go again, you can’t ask Bible Believing Christians to join a tea party group. They want nothing to do with Christian issues, they just want the Christians to vote and shut up about Christian issues. The Bush regime and 2012 race prove that, we will stay home and watch God destroy this nation in that case. Most of the tea party 30 to 50% were Bible Believing Christians.

    But the Fox news Bush regime leaders want nothing to do with Bible Believing Christians. So we left the Tea Party and GOP and will never go back. The tea party leaders said on CNN, Fox and other networks that Christians issues are not important. So Christian left the Tea party, and no the tea party and Tea Party leaders are not important. The tea party is dead, they got what they want, no Christians or Christian issues.

    1. That’s preposterous. Most of the Tea Party leaders I know (which is quite a few) are good Christians. What Tea Party leaders have said is that the main focus should be on fiscal issues, because those issues effect everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

      1. Sir my Christian Social Network https://www.biblestudyspace.com/ reach 30 to 40 thousands Christians every month, millions every year. We send out press releases, that will reach millions of Christians every month. https://www.biblestudyspace.com/page/bssn-christian-social-media-newsroom
        Six months ago, Bible Study Space press releases https://biblestudyspacecom.blogspot.com/ and told members to write in a vote for Jesus, we got over five million votes for Jesus. that was enough to put Mitt Romney over the top and win the white House. We told the Fox News Bush Regime, not to run Mitt Romney because Bible believing Christians will never vote for him. But they didn’t listen and like always just ignored us, thinking that the TBN Christian cult followers would give them all the votes they needed.

        Bible believing Christians stay home last month and did not vote for the Fox News Bush regime Mormon cult leaders. The Fox news bush regime did’nt thing they needed us, that got the TBN TV cult leader preachers to vote for a Mormon. But that is only about 20 million Christians ( not Bible Believers ) who follow TV preachers and Fox News. Bible Believers Christians would never vote for a Mormon or any one that the Bush regime promotes. Over 20 to 30 millions Bible believing Christians stay home, over five million Christians voted for Jesus.
        The Fox New Bush regime now understand the problem. But you don’t seem to understand, the TBN TV Christian cult followers is not enough. You need the John Piper, John MacArthur and Robert Jeffress Bible Believing Christians. ( By the way, Bill Orelly had Pastor Robert Jeffress on his shiow last night. Kissing up and trying to get on Pastor Jeffress good side, but Bill condemned Pastor Jeffress a year ago, for telling Christians not to vote for a Mormon. https://www.theblaze.com/stories/pastor-defends-mormonism-cult-comment-herman-cain-says-hes-not-running-for-theologian-in-chief/

        So even the king Bill of the Fox Bush Regime Nation learn his lesson, but not you. Bible believing Christians will be your fools any more. Every four years conservative leaders dust off their Bibles and go back to church. But Republicans don’t want to talk about Christian issues.

        They want Christians to work for them, to get out the vote. But don’t talk about, 150.000 Christians who are murdered every year for their faith.

        They want us to give money to Republican candidates, but don’t want to talk about, every five minutes another Christian is brutally murdered for believing in Christ.
        They don’t want to talk about why Christianity is illegal in 51 countries and America gives them money and support.

        Republicans don’t want to talk about Christian issues or help stop 150.000 Christians who are murdered every year for their faith. So the good luck with your tea party Republican movement. All the top Republican leaders are now trying to fix the Bible believing problem they have, but don’t know how to do it. May your tea party ideas can help, because we are not helping until you start listing, or you will never see the white House.

        1. Your hateful rant not withstanding, I pity that you are demonstrably incapable of comprehending that the Muslim/Marxist Manchurian candidate was re-elcted thanks at least in part to your intentional, deliberate inaction.


          In case you haven’t noticed, the current “progressive” regime is ready, willing and a capable of taking concrete steps to use totalitarian government to deprive you of your God given right to free religous expression.

          When you’re dragged off kicking and screaming for your religious beliefs, don’t blame the Tea Party, who was working to save you from the forked-tongued, two-faced pathological liar currently infesting the Oval Office.

          You are the one who does not understand.

          1. I am not a coward like you, they will not drag me off kicking and screaming. I will look forward to the kingdom of God, if its God will to take me home. My hateful rant not withstanding, is from cowards of the world and 150.000 Christians who are murdered every year for their faith. You could care less about them, just your self and your bush regime. You don’t want to talk about Christian issues or help stop 150.000 Christians who are murdered every year for their faith.

            So the good luck with your tea party Republican movement. All the top Republican leaders are now trying to fix the Bible believing problem they have, but don’t know how to do it. Your tea party ideas can’t help, because we are not helping until you start listing, or you will never see the white House. But you will see God someday, think about that in your death bed. Think about facing the God of heaven and Hell, when God ask you. What have you done to stop the killing of my children on earth, by the evil men who run your bush regime. Both Obama and Bush will pay for the Christian holocaust around the world, because they did nothing to stop it. Just like their little puppets like you.

          2. You wrote ” the current “progressive” regime is ready, willing and a capable of taking concrete steps to use totalitarian government to deprive you of your God given right to free religous expression. ” LOL

            Do you know what is stopping them, 30 to 40 millions Bible believing Christians still clinging to their bible and guns. Not the cowards in the Republican party or you. Please get a clue, that can’t do nothing until they get rid of us. Were the only one stopping them, where have you been for the last 40 years. They have another 20 to 30 years left, before the your schools destroy all of us. You cowards don’t stop the schools also. You can thank God for us everyday, because the your Bush regime is not stopping them, your helping them.

  3. Well Franki boy,

    That you would lump the Tea Party into what you call “The Fox Bush Regime” and say “good luck with your tea party Republican movement” shows exactly how utterly clueless you are about the Tea Party.

    You are obviously painfully unaware of the fact that evangelicals teamed with Karl Rove and George W. Bush to get W. reelected in 2004.

    You are also completely ignorant of the fact that the Tea Party’s roots are planted in disgust with Bush for starting the DHS and for TARP.

    Since you’re such a brave stud and refuse to be dragged off kicking and screaming, they’ll just eliminate you on the spot. For people whose agenda is to eliminate those with whom they disagree, one bullet to the temple is very cost effective.

    Enjoy life in your personal fantasy world.

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