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Eric Holder: ‘We must brainwash people’ to hate guns

Let’s flash back to 1995, where Eric Holder talks of ‘brainwashing’ us into hating guns.

H/T Weasel Zippers

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One Comment

  1. Yes, this is pure Communist brain washing he’s talking about. All that would be okay if people didn’t have a brain that generated independent thought. You know Communism works as long as you don’t add in human beings. Once that happens the whole thing collapses with problems galore. People don’t like being herded around like a bunch of cattle. But if the people never suspect that they are cattle then you can herd them all you want. And if any get out of line, they stray off somewhere, you just punish them and make an example of them to keep the others in line.

    Holder is a Communist. He joined the Communist Party about the same time that Obama joined it, in South Chicago. Did you know that Chicago is where Communism established itself in America back in the 1920’s? Our Congress and Senate are full of card carrying Socialists and Communists. Our State Dept. is slap full of Communists. It’s where Theodore Roosevelt put all the Communists who were left here after WWII. He didn’t know what to do with them after the war so he put them in various government departments in the hopes they would stay put and not be any problem. They weren’t any problem, it’s just what they wanted, and that is to have a starting place to take over the government. And what better place to begin that process than where America’s image is sent to countries around the world. The proof of it is the extent of treaties our government has with the U.N..

    In addition to the extreme infiltration of Communists into our government now is the collution with Islamic terrorist groups. Eric Holder is a criminal who doesn’t have a problem with committing as many problems in this country as he can. And the real problem is, he’s getting away with it all. He laughs at being held in comtempt of Congress with his recent refusal to turn over documents on Fast and Furious, which he and Obama are guilty of committing serious crimes against our laws. He and Obama should be arrested. Empeachment is not enough.

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