Man responds to Jamie Foxx saying Obama is God and Savior

This man responds to Jamie Foxx hailing Barack Obama as “God and Savior” at the Soul Train Awards on Sunday.

From the YouTube Description:

The Fear of God is no longer with said Jamie Foxx. Anytime you can make a joke about this, you have crossed the line.

Liberal democrats will laugh this off and use their insurance card that he was just being funny or he didn’t mean anything by it… response is yes he did……

I guess Jamie’s God performs his miracles in reverse.

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  1. I really loved what you said. I can’t say it any better.You covered all the bases. I think Jaime Foxx thought he was being funny and playing to his crowd,but he shouldn’t have said it,but it’s a free country so he can say what he wants,but like you said,comedians say these things and hide behind saying they are a comedian especaily when it is said about a republican or conservative. Kudos to you for being brave enough to put up this video and telling it like it is.

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