America You Really Blew It

America had the perfect opportunity to turn this country around and get it back on the road to prosperity, but America, you blew it. We had standing in front of us, the perfect man to get us out of the situation we find ourselves in. A leader, a successful businessman, a successful Governor, a good man, an honest man, a thoughtful man, a generous man, an intelligent man, a compassionate man, a hard working get it done type of man, but instead America chose a man who is the complete opposite, what the hell were you thinking?

America, instead you chose a man who chooses to divide our country, a man who said he was going to unite the country, but did the complete opposite. He has been the most divisive President in my life time. America, I believe you elected a man who cares little about its people, but only cares about shoving his idealistic views down our throats. Richard Trumka, head of the most powerful union AFL-CIO said,  “We did deliver those states, Without organized labor, none of those states would have been in the president’s column.” Do you think it is big payback time for the unions? Trumka also said that Obama should raise taxes on the rich, not make cuts to Social Security or Medicaid, and to pay no attention to the deficit, as Trumka goes, so does Obama.

America, you have chosen a man who has done little to restore our economy over the past four years and our standing around the world. You have chosen a man who chooses to lead from behind and who passes the heavy lifting to others, as a matter of fact he is known as a week negotiator and his own party prefers that he stays away from negotiations, what kind of leader is that?

America, did you happen to notice that when hurricane Sandy hit, he flew to New Jersey, took a few pictures, told the press he was going to take care of it and was never seen or heard from again. Two weeks later hundreds of thousands of people still have no lights, no heat, no transportation, no food, yet he promised to take care of it, where is the leadership?

America, You re-elected a man who showed no plan for his next four years except to say forward, if you thought the first four years were bad, the next four years, with him not worrying about having to be re-elected, well all I can say is bend over and spread em, but don’t complain because you asked for it.

America, with the re-election of Obama, you now allow Obamacare to take effect. Because of that, the day after he was re-elected, dozens of companies started to lay off workers, with many other companies to follow. Obamacare was set-up supposedly so everyone would have insurance, but let me ask you; maybe everyone will have an insurance card, but does mean everyone will have access to medical care? Many doctors are leaving the profession and over 27% of doctors say they will not take insurance, only cash. If people would just have taken the time to read the law, they would realize what a disaster it really is.

America, you have re-elected a man who gave us trillion dollar deficits each year he was in office, who has given us over 16 trillion dollars of debt, who gave America its first credit down grade in our nation’s history, who continues to grow government and keeps borrowing money from other countries to fuel his spending habits. Oh, and by the way, the unemployment rate is still higher today than when he took office, after four years and you can expect it to go higher.  You call that leadership?

America, what else can I say, you really blew it. You could have given the reins to a man who would have brought true hope and prosperity to this country, but instead you gave them to a man who after four years showed you who he was and that he was incapable of doing the job, now we all have to pay.

If you had any doubts before if Obama was a Socialist Marxist at heart, wait and see what he has in store for his second term with a boat load of new Government regulation.

This is a special note to all the so-called Republicans and Conservatives out there who complained about Obama for four years, then chose not to vote because you did not like Romney. I blame you more than anyone else, from here on out you have no right to complain about Obama, because you are the ones that put him back in office.


This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Could not be said better. Sad , tragic really. Only hope that remains us that we survive this b/c prosperity is now not an option.

  2. Sounds about right. Buy the essentials and prepare for the economic collapse. Gun, Water, Food, Medical Supplies and other utilities. Protect your home and don’t let the government take anything else from you when the time comes.

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