Advice for Obama: Better Pray You Lose

Barack Obama is a vain and competitive person.  He detests losing.

When the First Ego is on the line, defeat is not an option.  And maybe that’s the reason behind Obama’s frantic campaign efforts.

After all, he certainly couldn’t want to remain president.  Could he?

With a tanked economy, near 15% unemployment, Radical Islam on the rise, dead Americans in Libya, nuclear Iran rising, the Obamacare/Tea Party/Catholic Church Rebellion and Darryl Issa’s jaws clenched like a Moray eel around Fast and Furious, Obama would be well-advised to sacrifice his incalculable ego in hopes of a calmer life and more prosperous future.

He should pray he loses.

If Obama wins reelection, he’ll inherit from himself a far worse economy and a far more skeptical electorate than he did from George W. Bush.

He’ll have to deal with a disillusioned and angry public who will demand real solutions versus the hype, racial division and class warfare of the last four years.

He’ll have to face determined congressional investigators, legislative gridlock to block his progressive agenda and, most likely, impeachment proceedings.

The second term for most presidents is often much more challenging than the first.  But, Obama’s would be filled with unprecedented political and legal landmines.  It would be a true nightmare.

For him and for us.

Barack Obama started out as a transformative figure in the minds of many Americans.

He was their Messiah.  The One.  He was to fulfill the dreams of every Miss America contestant and heal the earth, slow the rise of the oceans, make all things fair and institute world peace.

Cue the deep sigh.

Today that is all gone.  The warm and fuzzy of 2008 has been replaced by the harsh reality of living in 2012 America.  The shine is off the Obama penny.  The bloom is off the rose.  The emperor has no clothes.

Pick your favorite cliché.

The point is, Barack Obama is a known quantity.  The magic is over and the thrill is definitely gone.  Americans see him for who he really is.  A petty, narcissistic, toxic, partisan politician with a far left, radical ideology who is intent on remaking America into a European Socialist model.

That’s a far cry from Messiah.

The metamorphosis from prophet to partisan attack dog was breathtaking in its speed as the “real Barack” was revealed to America.

When Obamacare was passed in opposition to public opinion and without a single Republican vote, congressional Democrats used the questionable tactic of “reconciliation” to avoid a Republican filibuster.  To this day, Americans remain outraged that Obama and his Democrat allies would dare to forcibly ram legislation down the throats of an unwilling American public.

When Obama pushed back against Republican lawmakers’ concerns regarding the stimulus bill we were shocked at his arrogance.  “I won” he told Republicans.  As if that settled all concerns.

We remember Obama, sounding more like Fidel Castro than an American President, as he told Latino voters that “we’re going to punish our enemies and reward our friends.

And then, briefly exposed, we saw the bitter, racially motivated Obama when he said “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us.  They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”


And just last week, Obama urged his supporters to vote because “voting is the best revenge.

Revenge?  Against whom?

Obama regularly displays contempt and disregard for his political opponents.  Like all narcissists, Obama isn’t interested in compromise or in finding common ground with those who disagree with him.  He seeks only to win, to be victorious and to demonstrate his superiority.

Barack Obama is all about conquest.

Americans now know this.  We get it.

Another four years of Obama will be another four years of the same political maneuvering and partisan, ideological battles that we are all just so sick and tired of.

We’re not interested in political power plays.  Our situation is too dire.

We don’t care about class warfare.  We want the economy to rebound.

We’re not looking for more handouts, more unemployment benefits, more food stamps or free contraceptives.

Americans want to go to work.

We want good jobs.  A thriving economy and the freedom to pursue our dreams through our own hard work and ingenuity.

We want the government out of our lives.

And we want the American Dream back.

America needs a leader who can heal the nation by providing reasonable solutions that actually work.  And we will not tolerate a repeat of the last four years.

For his own sake and for that of all Americans, Barack Obama must lose.

It’s in his own best interest.  And certainly in the best interest of America.

Today, millions are praying for Obama to be defeated.

If he’s wise, he’ll be one of them.




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One Comment

  1. How inciteful Jay. I write this after the election,
    knowing full well ‘wulp, ya get what ya vote for

    We are not in control, though, we try to hedge our
    bets as if we have all the time in the world. And,
    we do- what’s left of it (not the world, but ‘this’ time)
    Not to worry (much easier said than done):
    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are
    your ways my ways”‘ declares the Lord”
    Isaiah 55:8

    It’s hard to understand why He would give us over to
    such a dim future. It’s because He hasn’t. This is
    a wake up call for those who refuse to see, for those
    who, for whatever reason have chosen not to find the
    “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
    John 14:6

    The Lord wants no one to perish. I pray you at least
    let Him speak to you while there is still time. You are free to make your choice.

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