Romney vs.Obama-The Final Debate

Mitt Romney and Obama faced off for their final debate in Boca Raton, Fla. on Monday night. There were mixed reviews by many viewers with most saying Obama won by a hair and people who support Romney said he won and those that support Obama said he won. Undecided voters said Romney won on the economy and Obama won on foreign policy, but all admitted Romney is more presidential though I can’t for the life of me see why anyone is undecided at this late date. They will probably still be undecided after the election.

As the debate got underway the question was put to them by moderator Bob Scheiffer about Libya. Romney said we have to put in a policy to reject radical extremism that is now rampant in 10-12 countries. Obama replied that Al Queda has been decimated and this allows us to combat future attacks and accused Romney of having a strategy that was all over the map and flip flopping.

When the conversation switched to Syria and Isreal Romney said we must support Isreal and Obama said Isreal is our friend and closest ally. If that’s the case so why did he ignore Netanyahu when he cames here instead favoring to hang out with Jayzee and Beyonce and go on David Letterman’s and The View and tell Netanyahu he should go back to the ’67 borders hmmmmm? Just asking, Barack.

Obama talked about supporting the opposition in Syria, but yet he wouldn’t support the opposition in Iran when he supported overthrowing Mubarek and Quadaffi in Libya. Obama talked about how we should see that now since Egypt has a democratically elected government (The Muslim Brotherhood by the way) we should see that women get an education there and abide by their treaty with Isreal.(The Muslim Brotherhood has called the Isrealis “vampires” and called for their annihilation and is now imposing Sharia Law there. They are also crucifying anyone who disagrees with them. So much for the education of women there, eh Barack?) Romney mentioned that America must lead and we should have been more aggressive in the mid-east with Egypt and Libya. Romney mentioned we need a strong economy and military and strong allies for as peaceful world. When people have human rights and free elections people ultimately vote for peace and not war.

The debate got really heated on the subject of Iran with both sides agreeing on tight sanctions on Iran to prevent them from having nuclear bomb. Obama said he would see that Iran would never get a nuclear bomb and stated that they are a threat, yet during the campaign in 2008 he said, “Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these are tiny countries and not a threat.”So which is it Mr. President?

Romney accused the president of going on his apology tour of the mid-east at the beginning of his term where he attacked the U.S. calling us arrogant and dismissive. Obama vehemently denied it saying that’s one of the biggest whoppers being told. It’s not. It is true and the video is out there for anyone caring to research it.

The rumor was also floating around that there would be an October surprise with Obama meeting with Iran. The problem is that Obama has said in the past he’d be willing to meet with Iran with no pre-conditions. He should have pre-conditions If he’s going to negotiate with them. Those conditions should be: 1) stop denying the holocaust. 2) Abandon your n nuclear weapons program. 3 ) Grant civil right s to your citizens .4) Stop saying you’re going to wipe out Isreal.

The debate switched to the economy and Obama talked about keeping jobs here as did Romney and not overseas. If that is the case why is Obama contracting companies from China to come here and work on our infrastructure as with other companies overseas too and why did he oppose the Keystone pipeline which would have created thousands of jobs here? Once again what he says and what he does are two different things. Before Obama in 2008 the United States was No.1 in global competiveness now in 2012-2013 we are now no.7 below Switzerland which is no.1 and Germany which is no. 6.

I think Bob Schieffer did an excellent job as moderator with tough fair questions for both parties unlike the biased leftist Candy Crowley and Martha Radditz. Obama came off as the challenger and arrogant towards his opponent while Romney acted presidential.

As for you undecided voters consider this: Today 47 million people are on food stamps up from 32 million, 1 in 6 people are in poverty, the debt went from 10 trillion to 16 trillion where our debt is bigger than our economy and more going out than coming in. Our deficit is doubled, 23 million people unemployed or underemployed that we can account for (It’s probably much higher closer to 14% some say) and we are only three years away from becoming Greece. Obamacare has a cutoff date of 70 years old (after that you just get comfort care) as everything is cost effective and they are already starting on rationing by cutting down on prostate screening, breast exams and abortions for you women screaming about Romney not caring about abortions and planned parenthood. This next election is the most important election ever. It is about freedom or slavery to the government. Still undecided??

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Jim Clayton

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  1. The question isn’t ‘which candidate’ won on lost the debate(s) The question to be answered is “WILL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WIN OR LOSE”?? Rhat depends on which party gets the most voters to the polls.
    NOV 6th is “take a neighbor to vote day”

    While focusing on getting the empty suit out of our White House, let’s not leave our dirty socks lying around in Congress. Feel free to lend a helping hand to conservative candidates in other states in tight races….they need phone people to blitz cover. They need you

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