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New Obama Ad: Sniffle, but this job is hard

In a new ad released for TV by the Obama for America campaign, it tells a tale of a Presidential difficulties and the successful rebound the nation is experiencing. Unfortunately for Obama – it’s all B.S.

The voice-over starts with “Every president inherits challenges. Few have faced so many.” JFK might be surprised to hear that after having to strongly push Russian missiles out of Cuba. Ronald Reagan might find that Obama’s handling of Russia and China is a little weak and his failure to turn around a struggling economy pales in comparison to the Gipper’s accomplishments. It goes on, the Great Depression, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Iran hostage crisis…

The ad goes on to exclaim the accomplishments of Obama:

Four years later, our enemies have been brought to justice. Our heroes are coming home. Assembly lines are humming again.

Delusional? Perhaps. But Obama needs the voters to become just as enamored with his fake record as he is.

Where are the enemies brought to justice after the attack and murder of four Americans in Benghazi? Where is the justice for the U.S. security staffer murdered in Yemen? How about some justice for the U.S.S. Cole bombers from twelve years ago? This is the first President to lose an ambassador in 30 years!

A highly questionable jobs report is the only positive economic news the president can point to. Despite slowing job gains of only 114,000 vs. 144,000 per month average, the report defiantly dropped the unemployment rate .3% by dismissing a large swath of Americans from the employment picture. Not since Jimmy Carter has a President failed for so long to have an economic recovery. Not since Carter has a President failed to get Congress to act. Not since Carter has a President failed so visibly to lead.

Perhaps the ad is meant as an apology for the failures of the Obama administration. Maybe the campaign is trying to deal with Gallup polls showing Romney ahead of the incumbent, Rasmussen and RCP averages giving a win to Romney and battleground states steadily walking away from the failure-in-chief. Who knows – or better, who cares? The job may have challenges Mr. President, and you have failed to meet every single one of them.

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Rich Mitchell

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