Left-wingers are still ‘Hating Breitbart’

With Andrew Breitbart’s sudden and tragic passing in March of 2012, we on the right once again saw the utterly despicable joy elicited  from the institutional left upon hearing the news of his death.  I’m not even going to cite those tweets, but I’m sure you can all remember the pervasive grave stomping the left engaged in during that somber month.  They were happy because the point of the lance in this fight for a free and democratic press was gone.  The threat to their existence was erased.  Now, it was time for revenge for all of the embarrassment Breitbart rightfully inflicted on the left-wing of America.

However, what’s amusing is that the best the far left could do was blast tweets detailing their pleasure at his passing. It’s beyond sophomoric. This disdain and the crusade Andrew lead that provoked such strong reactions from liberals in America is the subject of Andrew Marcus and his documentary ‘Hating Bretibart.

Andrew Breitbart, according to his book Righteous Indignation, grew up a default liberal on the west ‘left’ coast.  It wasn’t until he saw the injustice being done to Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas that he thought something else was at work, especially in the way the media was reporting on the subject.  Breitbart had a saying akin to once we climb over the media’s pernicious wall of misinformation and have our voices heard – then democracy can truly flourish.

Charlie Spiering of The Washington Examiner wrote on October 8 that:

when Marcus speaks about the film, he takes the tone of a storm-chaser, who couldn’t stop following Andrew Breitbart sweep the country and sweeping up  everything in his path. That experience lasted two years, which Marcus still marvels about today.

“I was always very shocked at the things that would unfold in front of our cameras, but you know reliably every time we turned them on and he was around crazy stuff would happen,” Marcus said.

Marcus stumbled into Breitbart’s path as he began following the Tea Party, filming footage that he knew had the capacity to be a great documentary some day.

The film details the high marks of Breitbart’s war against the institutional left starting with the epic collapse of ACORN thanks to our happy warrior, James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, and some crafty camera work.  They caught ACORN employees telling them how to cover up felonious activities on their tax forms.  Then, in 2010, there was the infamous and fabricated incident where Reps. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) and John Lewis (D-GA) alleged that the ‘n-word’ was hurled at them during the fight over health care reform.  In that same year, Breitbart exposed USDA official Shirley Sherrod for her racially charged remarksabout discriminating against white farmers – which lead to her termination.  Before her premature departure, she was the Georgia Director for Rural Development. Lastly, there was the ignominious tweet from then-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) – which lead to his resignation from Congress.  As a result, a Republican, Bob Turner, won his seat in a special election held in September of 2011.  It’s the first time a Republican held that congressional district since 1923.

Spiering reported that during the making of the documentary – Andrew would regard the film crew as his “bodyguards.”  Furthermore, “He knew two speeds: he knew outrage and fun,” Marcus says. ‘The journey he ended up on – he soon began to realize that the tactic that was used against him could be defeated, and by defeating it, by confronting that, it made him stronger.Breitbart’s consistent victories over the left spun into an incredible narrative, which Marcus admits, kept the project moving forward every time they thought it was finished.”

When filming did finish due to Andrew’s unexpected death on March 1, 2012, Spiering stated that Marcus “was ‘devastated’ by Breitbart’s death and realized he was suddenly tasked with the responsibility of one of Breitbart’s definitive stories. His group spent a great deal of time struggling with the proper way to address Breitbart’s death, but decided against editing the film to make it retrospective.”

The film masterfully captures Andrew doing what he loved most at work and his colorful and inimitable personality.  He wasn’t a racist, a propagandist, or a con artist. He was a patriot doing what the media class has failed to do, which is to report the news in a way that is accurate and devoid of the thinly veiled connotations that seek to divide and conquer the American people.  A horrifying aspect Andrew witnessed firsthand growing up within the belly of the Hollywood left.  He vehemently says in the first few minutes of the film that he’s sick of those tactics and that’s not the America he envisions.

It also shows him as a charismatic force in this fight to destroy the mainstream media.  He didn’t declare himself the ‘boss’ or ‘king’ of new media.  Anyone who had a cellphone, camera, laptop, or access to any facet of social media was a potential soldier.  Anyone who had those resources and went to work reporting on things the mainstream media omitted due to political bias or exposing the media for their complicity in burying the truth was welcomed into his “army.”

For the political left and their allies within the mainstream media, this was a disaster.  Breitbart knew their game.  He knew how they would respond to his attacks and how his attacks would decimate their narrative that seeks to establish a hyper-regulatory progressive state.  Breitbart was always a step ahead of them and it became highly frustrating, especially when their own attacks blew up in their faces.

A rather heated exchange was recorded during CPAC 2010 in Washington D.C. between Breitbart and Salon.com’s Max Blumenthal concerning his post– which presented a false narrative against O’Keefe.  The article claimed, frivolously, that James had racial issues and the piece was aimed to discredit his work on ACORN and any other ventures he may plan in the future.  It was an egregious hit piece.  Andrew rightfully called Blumenthal a “punk” and Larry O’Connor detailed how his entire story, line by line, was debunked in twenty-four hours.

While Andrew may be gone, the film is a nice homage to the man who influenced others to stand up to the deliberate political censorship occurring in the media and the corruption that exists within government on all levels.  It’s not a dirge or constructed as a curtain call in this war against the left-wing, the media who aid them, and government officials who try to cheat Americans from their place at the bargaining table.  It doesn’t inexplicably cut to black a la The Sopranos.  In all, I think if this film’s message could be described in one sentence – it would be from Andrew’s father-in-law, Orson Bean, who says “praise the lord and pass the ammunition.”  Andrew may be gone, but the fight goes on and there will only be one winner. #WAR

Hating Breitbart had it’s D.C. premiere on October 8 and will open in theaters on October 19.

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