I Have Two Words For Mr. Obama And They Aren’t Merry Christmas

Like many Americans, I watched the second presidential debate, only to see if Obama was actually going to be awake for this one. After the first debate, I am sure that many of the people who voted for him the first time were thinking, “I actually wasted my vote on this guy.” We all have to agree, it was truly a lack luster performance.  I would not be surprised if the majority of the people who tuned in Tuesday night did so, just to see if he had a pulse.

Well, low and behold, Obama came out and gave a good performance, which I am sure made the left wing Liberals very happy. Let’s face it though, after his first debate, he could not have done any worse. If he would have come out on stage and just sneezed, he would have shown more life than he did in his first debate. I think we all must agree that it was a good debate, when two candidates get in each other’s face arguing about their different points of view, it was a good debate, after all that is what a debate should be like, debating.

However, in case you did not notice, let me point something out to you, Obama talked, but said nothing. Nothing new anyway. During the debate, we never heard him say what he was going to do different to get this country back on track. He said a lot of, that is why I did this and that is why I did that, but nothing about what he was going to do different that was going to make his next four years different from the first four years.

We all know the definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” so I guess we must have an insane President on our hands. I have to give Obama a lot of credit though, a person has to have a lot of moxie to go out there and defend four years of failed policies. Obama has to go out and look the American people in the eye and say, America is a better place because of him being President, when even he knows it is not true, or at least he should know.

A country that supposedly came out of a recession in 2009 and is now three years later only growing at a rate of 1.3% when we should be growing at a rate of 5%, how can he not know his policies are not working. As I said, he has to have a lot of moxie to go out there and ask for four more years with the stats showing that his policies did nothing to help this country.

All Romney had to do was go out there that night and say, “Just look at the past four years,” the whole night and say nothing else, which would have said it all. Does Obama really think that the people of this country are that dumb or that they have been asleep for the past four years and have no clue what is going on in the world? That is, in my opinion, the only way that he can win four more years, he has to rely on all the zombies out there to vote for him.

A true leader brings people together and finds common ground so everyone can agree. Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, where there were 87% Democrats, that he had to deal with and guess what? He got things done, he found common ground so everyone could find something to agree on, and that is what a true leader does. Obama just blames the Republicans for not working with him, well guess what, if Obama was a leader, he would have found a way to bring everyone together, after all, that is what a true leader is supposed to do.

Oh yea, as far as the two words I have for Obama, this picture says it best.


This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. I watched the debate twice, you are right Chris, I heard nothing new from Obama still blaming the rich and sticking with the same failed policies.

    1. Oh, conservatives. Always wanting to blame Liberals for doing what’s best for the country. If you would like to continue your brusque and invalid arguments over logical evidence, may I suggest reading. It’ll do you some good. Oh wait, Conservatives don’t read, they just skim through the pages and entwine religion with everything.

  2. So, do you conservatives truly believe in the entire “trickle down” policies that clearly got the economy that we have today. You cannot blame Obama for such disasters. Much of it comes directly from the Bush Administration. How the Conservatives cut taxes for the rich and used the social security surplus Greenspan had used. It is not due to the lack of failed polices. It is time. So please, you want to blame the President for what has happened to our economy, you should first look into the history of what got us there.

    1. J.B. The comments that you have made are the same reasons why Obama is going to lose, Nothing new, same old talking points, if Obama had just one new policy to talk about he might have a chance, NOT.

      1. I think Mr. Brown is one of those zombies you talked about in your article. He needs a history lesson on who really started the mortgage melt down, and it was not Bush.

        1. Jerry, think most of “us conservatives” made the same observations. Since we actualy listened to content and aren’t programed to register just sound bytes or force fed misinformation. However I disagree with the ‘zombie’ description & believe parrot or puppet is more accurate. I heard several sentences that were verbatm to Axelrod’s interview on Sunday. Seems everyone gets a daily meno on what today’s message is & they just lost communiction on Lybia fiasco. Always heard you can tke the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl…same must be true of the ghetto.
          For the record….James Brown is NOT related to me…

          1. Jan, Can you imagine if Obama won, we would have to listen to him and all the Libs blame Bush for another 4 years.

        2. Ok, so let me get this straight. You’ll blame Obama because of what has occured over the past several decades? Do you seriously believe that the “Great Bush” administration did nothing to provoke such catastrophe? Think back to your “precious Reagan” the Great Communicator. More like the Great indebtor. What did he do again? Oh that’s right he cut taxes and increased spending causing a huge deficit between balanced budgets. The consequences of these actions were then passed on to Clinton who somewhat set the path to a prosperous economy to a succesful future. But when Mr. Bush came in with his entire, “Bush cuts” did he not triple the deficit? So please.
          Mr. Peters, Go back to the fifth grade history sessions and actually get your history correct.

          1. J.B. No one blames Obama for the past several decades, he did enough damage to this country in just 4 years. During the Bush era he created over 6 million jobs and incoming revenue went up. Something Obama does not understand more jobs equals more revenue. So far Obama has a net loss of jobs of over 150,000. Obama is an idiot, he has no clue, that’s why he is losing.

  3. Jerry, neva fear..neva hatchee….CHRISTmas will soon be here…Got an email from a rather liberal friend this a.m…..said his Christmas lights remind him of Obama supporters..they all hang together, about half of them work, & rest are dim & about to burn out..That said & fun aside…every single vote will count!!! I honestly don’t mean to appear snarky or disrespectful to those with such different opinions, but darn it, I am so tired of explaining or not able to have a meaniful discourse with people that can’t see anything but their own opinion.

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