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Under Obama, U.S. Economy Slips – First to Seventh in just three years

As voters begin to choose the next President of the United States, a firm reminder of Obama’s failure to run the world’s most prosperous economy came to light. From 2009 to 2012, the U.S. economy has gone from frist place to seventh – the entire slip occurred under President Obama’s leadership.

A report released by the World Economic Forum today put the United States behind Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany when rated for economic competitiveness. Pointing to Obama’s distaste of free-market economics and attack on business owners, the report said that “some aspects of the country’s institutional environment continue to raise concern among business leaders, particularly the low public trust in politicians and a perceived lack of government efficiency.”

The World Economic Forum is a not-for-profit entity that ranks global economies on factors such as business climate, infrastructure, productivity and innovation.

Productivity in the U.S. has dropped drastically under the current administration as more Americans turn to government handouts for their subsistence instead of employment.

The Obama administration has spent much of its time lambasting entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and the successful in an all out class war. This anti-business climate along with the entitlement mentality being promoted by the President most-likely affected the ranking directly.

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