Obama Vs. Romney And The Liberal Mindset

I will never understand the thinking of the Liberal mind, it seems like it just refuses to acknowledge truth, the only time it will acknowledge truth is when the truth slants to their way of thinking, otherwise they are all considered to be lies. I bring this up because I belong to a few on-line chat groups where both Liberal and Conservative express their views to what is going on this political season, it is where I get many ideas for my articles. One conversation was, “are we better off now than four years ago?”

I listed my reasons why we were not, you know like high unemployment, high gas prices, high foreclosure rate and high entitlement rate, 16 Trillion in debt and on and on. Naturally, Bush was brought in to the conversation, poor President Bush, still being blamed for everything after four years, I am surprised they are not blaming the Hindenburg Disaster on him as well, who knows, maybe they are.

Well, I was accused of cutting and pasting my information off a right wing blog, when I informed him I do not use blogs for information but use government web-sites for all my numbers and statistics, he more or less called me a liar and continued saying I cut and pasted everything. He also sent me a link and said, this is why we are better off, I clicked it and on the page were three pictures, A GM symbol, a graph of the stock market going up and a picture of Bin-Laden. I had to laugh, I just could not believe it, those three things are the reason why this country is better off? If it were not so sad it would be laughable.

This is why Obama will not win, he and many Liberals have no clue what is wrong with this country, either that or they are just ignoring the facts. (which is what Liberals seem to do) Do the Liberals really think that the average people of this country give a flying crap about GM, or the stock market or even Bin-Laden?  The people of this country are worried about finding a job, having an income, feeding their families, paying their mortgage or rent and taking care of their kids, that is what their concerns are. That alone is going to decide this election.

Another conversation was about the Romney record, how when he was Governor of Massachusetts he ran that state into the ground, once again I went and did my research and this is what I found.

Romney took office as Governor in January of 2003, the state unemployment rate was at 5.6 percent, it rose to 6.0 percent in mid-2003, then steadily decreased during the remainder of Romney’s term, ending at 4.6 percent in January of 2007, which was Romney’s last month in office.  Naturally, the only thing that was quoted by a liberal, stated that the unemployment rate rose when Romney was in office.

The state was ranked 50th in job creation in Romney’s first year in office, but went to 28th during his last year. Once again, the statement was when Romney was in office the state ranked 50th in job creation.

When Romney stepped into the Governors chair, there was a $1.5 billion deficit, which he eliminated by the time he left office. He did this not by raising taxes, but by cutting government, and raising state fees on such things as marriage license, firearm licenses as well as drivers licenses and other service fees. Once again Romney had a $1.5 billion deficit while in office, was stated.

Once again Liberals said I got my information from right leaning blogs, only because they did not want to believe the truth, they believe only negative statements about Romney While believing only positive statements for Obama, the truth never matters. How can anything penetrate the Liberal mind? We on the right only cloud everything up with facts; of course, they are not Liberal facts, just plain facts.

My grandfather told me something many years ago, which I will always remember, he said, “you could never win an argument with stupidity, so don’t even try.”  I wonder if he had Liberals in mind when he gave me that little piece of advice?


This is one man’s opinion.




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  1. I asgree with you 110%. My sis-in-law is a lib and we got into so many heated arguments that my wife banned politics from our discussions. She has all these anti-Bush stickers all over the back of her car. When I listen to libs argue on the radio they can never answer a question directly and always use talking points. They are all for civility and peace and love until you disagreee with them and then every name in the book is thrown at you and every racist name they cant hink of comes out. I really do believe as Michael Savage says,”Liberlism is a mental disease.” 😀

    1. I agree Jim, It seems no matter how much proof you put in front of them, they just turn a blind eye. Truth is truth no matter how much you try to ignore it.

      1. Thanks for replying to me Jerry.I have an article on here called “To all the Obama supporters.” A lib Obama supporter responded to me and said it was all BS when it is true further proving our theory that they don’t want to hear the truth.Check it out and you’ll see the comments below. I have a blog site called Jaycee’s Commentaries where I also post the same articles and also reviewm ovies and places I’ve been.

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