Voter Identification and Stupidity

Attorney General Eric Holder, testifying on August 15, 2012, before a Senate Judiciary Committee, may have made the most racist statement ever. Holder said that minorities are “biologically incapable” (meaning too stupid) of obtaining voter identification.” [emphasis mine]

Holder said:

“Let’s be frank, much of the anthropological data [the Justice Department] has acquired concludes that people of certain ethnicities are simply biologically incapable of obtaining voter identifications.” [emphasis mine]

He actually said that when responding to questions about why the Department of Justice (DOJ) continues to file lawsuits deigned to stop voter registration roll updates and the enforcement of state laws requiring voter identification. Florida is currently trying to update its voter rolls to in order to eliminate dead people and/or ineligible voters. Pennsylvania has had success in requiring voter identification. Numerous states, such as South Carolina and Texas, passed laws requiring voter identification, but DOJ filed lawsuits and the state laws were eventually stuck down. In total, 33 states now have some type of voter identification requirements.

Holder also said:

“Throughout history minorities and the poor have been prevented from voting by means such as ‘poll taxes’ and literacy tests … and requiring voters to produce government-issued IDs today is in the same vein of those discriminatory practices back then.”

Now we have Holder equating “government-issued IDs” to poll taxes and literacy tests. Can anyone cite an instance when “government-issued IDs” tried to ascertain the literacy of its possessor, or tried to collect a poll tax? There are those that will argue that requiring a voter identification with a photograph is tantamount to a poll tax. That could be true only if the required voter identification photograph cost the potential voter money. But several states, such as Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, and Georgia, have already addressed the photograph voter identification cost issue.

Holder continued:

“It’s a simple matter of respect. Either we can honor the traditions of ethnicities in the U.S. who have no historical cultural demand they prove who they are, or we can take a step back to the days of Jim Crow and force people who have no familiarity with proving who they are to do so in a most uncomfortable setting [voting]. After all, this is America; we’re founded on ‘inclusion;’ on making people from other nations and cultures feel comfortable. How else can we achieve that unless we allow Hispan … I mean, uhh, ‘people’ to practice the traditions of the native lands they came from? Anything less would be discriminatory.” [emphasis mine]

I think that, in view of President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama’s recent actions regarding Hispanics, illegal immigrants, and the Dream Act, Holder almost let the truth slip out.

Note that California, with 55 electoral college votes, and New York, with 31 electoral college votes, have absolutely no voter identification requirements at all. Both states went to Obama in 2008. And Florida, with 27 electoral college votes that went to Obama in 2008, has a photograph voter identification requirement, and is currently leaning toward Romney, has its voter registration roll purge challenged by DOJ.

Kinda makes you wonder what DOJ is really up to. Kinda also makes you wonder the MSM is on this.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. Oh. Well then, I would “respectfully” submit to the idiot attorney general that the very same “scientific” anthropological data must also conclude that these “biologically incapable” minorities are equally incapable of casting votes in a complex and important system of governance.

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