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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Today’s A.F.Branco cartoon at CDN…… I did “not” draw this cartoon!!!.. According to Obama, It was a joint effort of my school teachers,the government’s internet, and the road that leads to my studio… But thank you all the same.

    1. Exactly, Tony. Obama suffers from liberal logic.

      I have heard similar “logic” used by liberals to explain why “corporations” should be taxed more for “infrastructure”: because they make profit by using roads and bridges to transport their goods and services.

    2. Love the cartoon and your introduction of it,Tony. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great job as always. On it goes to
      my mailing list.

  2. You know Tony every time Joe biden opens his mouth I ask myself, self why in the world did Obama pick this dummy as a V.P. Now after looking over your work (that someone else did..lol) Bingo it just hit me, they both come from the same feather. Two dummies think alike.

    Keep up the great work Tony we are going to need you in the coming months.

    Ciao my friend.

  3. Outstanding,Tony! I knew that your take on this would be GREAT! I love the expression on the beleaguered business owner’s face!

  4. I love that the guy looks working class and pissed. Perfect reflection of how America feels about this administration.
    I hope your cartoon goes viral.

    1. Indeed, this cartoon should go viral.

      I wish I could laugh, but for me, the subject matter is too tragic.

      Today I spoke with a woman of roughly my own age (not young!) who had built up a medical transcription business. She told me that her business is dying.

      I asked her why.

      She said, “Obamacare.”

      She is planning to shut her business down, unless Obamacare is repealed very soon.

      I tip my faded and threadbare hat to Mr. Branco for both the concept and the execution of this cartoon. But I daresay Mr. Branco has been more polite in his portrayal of our POTUS than I could possibly be.

      Instead of riding piggyback on the hard workers of what was once this land of opportunity, BHO has stabbed us in the back.

      No matter how the 2012 election goes, it will be too late for many of us.

      Once someone has stuck a knife through your heart, even if you manage to pull it out, you still have a problem.

  5. Tony,

    You are the light of truth in this crazy world. They say common sense is a gift. You sir are blessed! Ever think about running for president?

      1. Were the president’s comments A: addressing the specific context of tax-funded infrastructure which helps enterprise, or B: telling business owners they did not build their business. Bonus: does this cartoon over simplify and misrepresent the issue? Extra credit: What Republican president actually presided over a balanced budget? also, this cartoon depicts the president as a “monkey on your back,” or am I crazy?

        1. (Q)When do I know I’ve made a great cartoon that makes a very strong point?
          (A) When an Ill-informed liberal makes uninformed comments.. and then screams racism, because that’s what’s always on their mind.. RACE (other than substance)… Just can’t disagree with the president cause he’s “black”… When will you ever get over your white guilt?

          (Q) What Republican president actually presided over a balanced budget?
          (A)..Tax and spend Clinton forced by a Republican congress (Voted in by voters who were upset over Bill’s tax and spending)… Bill was also forced to revamp welfare.

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