Latest Obama 2012 email – reading between the lines

Of course I get all the frantic emails from Obama’s re-election campaign pleading with their followers to send in more money even though, thanks to Obamanomics, many of them don’t have jobs, few have extra cash and some of them don’t even want one.

The tone and content is pretty similar in every one I’ve received. They don’t sound hopeful at all. This time, we’ll read between the lines (editorial commentary in red).

Hi — see how desperate.. wait, no that just means hello.

Yep, me again. Surprise: I’m here to ask you for money. No need to read into this one either, it’s what they’ve been doing since just after Obama got elected in 2008

Here’s why: Tomorrow is our biggest fundraising deadline yet, and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask everyone who is able to make a donation. No, but at least you’ve got a job.

We just can’t win without supporters like you pitching in what you can, when you can — we’re facing too much special-interest spending on the other side to keep up without everyone doing their part. And I’ve been instructed  not to mention all the special interest money we’ve pulled in from SEIU, Tides, United Auto Workers (they’d better after we handed them a nice piece of GM!), Planned Parenthood, ACORN (now known by many other names), Sally Susman (Pfizer), David L. Cohen (Comcast) .. the list goes on..

Can you donate $3 or more before tomorrow night’s deadline?  Please!! We have already spent everything we had and have bills to pay.

To be frank, we’ve gotten our behinds handed to us the past two FEC deadlines by Mitt Romney and his crew. We’re going to lose and we know it, but we’d rather pay the bills for all of this with your money. I’ll refrain from sharing how that really makes me feel. I’m going to get fired if you all don’t give us money.. 

But that hasn’t stopped us from opening more offices, hiring more field organizers, and reaching out to more voters. Because being out of money has never stopped us from spending it. There are always dolts friends like you to pay off our poorly-managed spending. Ultimately, that’s what’s going to deliver us a win in November — and that’s all thanks to the 2.4 million grassroots donors like you who are building this campaign. We know we don’t have a chance, but we don’t want to spend Michelle’s dress budget on our own campaign now do we?

It might sound crass, but ramping up our ground game to the level it needs to be across the country takes cash — a whole lot of it. And we don’t have any of it – but you do! Redistribute what wealth that you have to the most golfed, sunned and Europed first family in history.

You know what to do. Chip in if you can, before tomorrow at midnight: (for the love of God America humanity, PLEASE!)

99 days left. Here we go.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer
Obama for America not really…

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  1. I can just see Ms. Habershaw frantically typing this email out in the middle of the night with all of those comments in red floating around in her head .. too funny.

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