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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Wow…right on target!! You couldn’t have done a better cartoon for today’s election in Wisconsin, where I just so happen to live. The lines were out the door this morning when I went to vote. I hope that is a good sign? Waiting on pins and needles to see how it goes. We’ll know tonight.

  2. IMO… if Gov. Walker wins tonight, President Obama is done. On the other hand if Walker loses Wisconsin becomes another Detroit.

    Tony I can’t say it enough my friend, you are the best and thanks for telling the truth with your work.

  3. walkers reason for his actions is to cripple the unions because they are a big supporter for the dnc. it is being used as an excuse to balance the budget. walker lied under oath as to his motives for his actions. the billionaire he was talking to whom he said ” divide and conquer” will come back to haunt him. he will be ousted for his lies, they are just waiting until after the elections and they are now over. He is going down it’s just a matter of time. walker will be removed from office for lying and will be disgraced, he should have just resigned. Private companies want their agenda promoted this is why so much money was sent into the recall election by adelson, koch brothers etc. i am waiting for walkers perp walk. watch it on msnbc live. this guy is slimy and unethical, he needs to go down.

    1. The millions of dollars spent from union out-a-state unions and from Soros is okay though??

      1. Great comeback Tony. “voice” sounds pro union/lib/progressive supporter to me. There are a lot like him today in Wisconsin…they got a reality check last night and they aren’t happy about it. I’ll chalk it up to sour grapes.

        It’s a great day in Wisconsin. I’ve never been prouder of my fellow Wisconsinites.

        Now, we need to go after Obama in November and kick his butt out of the White House…

  4. HEHEHEHE~~ Great ~~~not only are you a great artist but you’re sharp witted to boot~~ keep them coming~~ someday we will all get to say WHEN YOU become known across the USA that “we knew you when you first started out” how proud am I ?

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Your words of encouragement are always appreciated, and thank you for your support in so many ways over the past couple years.

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