Standing With Catholics

Freedom of Religion: A constitutionally guaranteed right provided in the First Amendment.

This is a unique time in American history. Secularism is on the rise and for too long church leaders have taken a back seat and allowed it to happen.  This year may be the line in the sand. Or as Bishop Lori says:

“We have gathered on the eve of the feast of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, martyrs who laid down their lives rather than violate their consciences or their sacred principles. Their courageous witness of faith continues to stir the minds and hearts of people yearning for authentic freedom, and specifically, for religious freedom . . . . just as it inspired those who came to Maryland a century later in 1634,seeking not only to worship God freely but indeed to practice their faith publicly.”

This week began A Fortnight For Freedom in the Catholic Church.  A time for Catholics to learn about their religious freedoms and a time for them to speak publicly and not allow the government to force them to betray their religion and principles.

At the same time, other churches are standing with the Catholics. A letter, signed by more than 20 religious leaders, appeals to the Department of Health and Human Services to repeal their mandate regarding contraception. The letter also asks Americans to unite so that no one religion is penalized for refusing to go against its beliefs. “No government should tell religious organizations either what to believe or how to put their beliefs into practice.” Read Letter

The video below from the president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Rev. Dr. Harrison is a brief explanation about the letter. He shares the united agreement by many churches how important it is that all religions are allowed to provide services and care in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Martyrs, like Thomas More and John Fisher, paid with their lives when standing on their sacred principles. At the very least we should be willing to speak in support of the Catholics. Maybe our individual beliefs are not in jeopardy at this moment, but if something should change it would be of great comfort to know that other religions are willing to stand with us. Share this with your friends. Stand with Catholics.

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