Racism: A Convenient Lie

I looked up the word racism in the dictionary the other day; it said a word used by liberals when they are left with no viable explanation, when someone criticizes members of their party or policies. It did not really say that, but it should have. It seems to me that minorities could never be wrong, no matter how wrong they really are. We have a president who happens to be black; whom I believe is the worse president since Jimmy Carter. I think his policies are running this country into the ground. Sixty-eight percent of the people in this country think we are headed in the wrong direction, I guess that means that the 68% and I are racists.

I bring this up because Sam Donaldson made a statement the other day, he said that the right wing of this country does not like Obama, not because of his policies, but because he is black. Hey Sam, why don’t you get a job in a circus, because you are without a doubt a clown. It is easier to call people racist than face the truth, that Obama is not doing a very good job. Obama won the election 52.9% to 45.7%
Does that mean the 45.7% are all racists? I guess Sammy thinks so. If a policy is wrong, it’s wrong. It has nothing to do with the race of the person that makes the policy. Nevertheless, to Sammy, it is just a convenient lie to have around, to call someone a racist when they cannot think of anything else to say.
Defending bad policies by calling people racist who disagree with them is a left wing tactic that they have been using for years. However, I have news for the left, and Sammy; it is starting to lose its punch. When you call everyone that disagrees with you a racist, it starts to lose its true meaning. Eventually it is going to back fire on the left, just like everything else they do.

The fact of the matter is Obama and the left are running scared. Obama is not as popular as he once was and he is dropping in the poles. Many of the people that did vote for him have voters’ remorse and will not be voting for him this time around. I guess these people were not racist when they voted for Obama but are racist now, because they are not voting for him this time. It seems you are a racist in this country depending on what policies you agree or disagree with. I just want to warn everyone, you are probably going to hear the word racist more in the next four months, then you have ever heard in your entire life. Obama and the left have run out of ideas and the only hope they have is to call everyone that opposes them a racist. Failed policies and failed ideas are the only things the left has and you cannot win an election with that. However, you can win an election by dividing the country, and that is the only thing the left can do, and they are experts at it.

Is there racism in this country? Yes, and there always will be. There will always be blacks that do not like whites, whites that do not like blacks, blacks that do not like Hispanics, Hispanics that do not like the Irish, Irish that do not like Italians and so on down the line. It is something that will always be around.
Obama received 96% of the black vote last time, I wonder if that was a race thing?

This is one mans opinion.

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  1. Your piece is good. You make a well reasoned argument. However, as your medium is the written word, and not the spoken word, I would urge you to proofread your copy a little better before posting for public consumption. Language is a tool Liberals use in verbal alchemy to make things not what they really are, but rather what they need them to be for political expediency and they will hang you with any spelling or grammatical errors in their zeal to be right about anything, since they so rarely are.

    You did very good work here. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

    1. I agree Angela I really like his articles, I have read all his articles on this site. His Scarlet O’Hara article is excellent, as well as his book. I also look forward to reading more.

  2. This is a pathetic attemptto cast doubt on the power of racism. The ones in power who are white can dictate policy and laws. If these laws are enacted in whose best interest are they in. If the majority of blacks voted for obama does the majority of rules, policy, admendment benefit whites because of their race, since they are running the show. I think so. This is why they hate Obama so much. He is trying to be fair and take the best posssible courses for the better of America. Republicans want to stop him at all cost with bi-partisan bickering and obstructionism.

    Just to say again, when the majority of a race votes on issues and they are non-white are they really being as fair as whites or better than they would every be to their non-white counterparts.

    The Gop was so scared when obama was running for office they picked up palin as a vp and placed steele as head of the RNC. Anything possible to win. Desperate attemps to discredit obama, like him not being a citizen. Get real no black man could be president of a company without being a citizen or even get foodstamps.

    The birthers, teabaggers, those who feel obama is a muslim, paul ryan, grover norquist, and other far right crazies is this racism in terms of their attacks on obama. Yes, without a doubt. This is a race thing.

    1. The last thing Obama is , is fair. It seems to me that when he says he is being fair to one group, another group suffers. Government should not be dictating what is fair.

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