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Private Sector Okay


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Ready…aim…FIRE President DOWNGRADE!!!! Keep drawing, Tony. You’re doing great!

  2. Amen, Tony! I keep wondering if this economic recovery I keep hearing about from Obama and the Democrats is simply occuring everywhere but where “I live.” How long before more and more cities become Detroit?

  3. ” the private sector is doing fine” was a gaffe, don’t forget obama and biden are friends. Like me he was probably thinking of the banks who are bring in billions of profit and are making loans 43% less than previously.;They are investing and not lending. Big companies are bringing in big money, which is why Obama is angry becasue they are not hiring, just keeping profits for themselves, and having people work like there is not tommorrow, because they are now doing the job of three people. the hours americans work is greater than many other countries. We work work and do not have time to keep up with the corruption, waste and greed of these companies and they have the nerve to ask for subsidies.

    The war is not on capitalism; it is a war on american greed. The rich suppressing the poor and the poor not gaining increases of wages at an acceptable rate to keep up with the consumer price index. If you cannot afford more than basic food, and shelter, how can you spend which is the real problem. The minimum wage needs to be increased so that people can live. Yes, live meaning not just basic neccessities;People going out to dinner, movies, buying clothing and big ticket items.

    Yes, anything obama does to make the rich pay their fair share, and the abolishment of these undeserving subsidies would only be a flesh wound to their profits.;the greedy companies will still make money at unprecedented rates. Big companies do not care about anyone except satisfying their share-holders with increasing profits every quarter.

    Now that the superpacs’ can control elections,those companies will have the power to bring in profits and ignore the needs of americans and the country which we love.;they are operating with impunity and will seek favors from romney; he is getting so much money from Adelson and the Koch brothers that soon he will have to pay the piper;it is doubful that they love the country so much: it is more profits. The big companies and the rich do not want to answer to anyone, but themselves. the abolishment of unions and collective bargaining is their desire.

    It is all about profits and the arrogance of not wanting to be regulated by anyone; so that they can operate with impunity. The media is owned by some of the rich and they are just, out of control with propoganda fueled by the right wingers.

    Romney feels he can relate; he is probaly dying on that bus tour. he is accoustomed to “aircraft” with the exception of having poor seamus strapped to the roof his car. Right about now romney should have motion sickness and need to vomit from the bus fumes.

    I wonder if he has caviar,dom, pate’, a chef/cook, butler, maid and live music playing the harp on that bus. Things are not always what they seem to be.
    Romneys’ attempt to relate to the middle class is weak and insulting. He has a lack of impathy for the poor. The middle class is the poor to romney. Yeah he is trying to relate to the poor whose income is between 39,000.00 and 100,00.00 per year.

    There are many people who are a far cry from those incomes. A person who has 250 million dollars, in off shore accounts, swiss bank accounts( what he has is no respect for our banks that he puts his money elsewhere, and not invest in the country) can not understand the american poor peoples’ problems. Now there were presidents who where wealthy, but they could relate and had empathy for the poor. You cannot pull yourself up by your boot straps if you do not have any boots.

    Romeny needs to have someone drop him off at a street corner with 10.00 and tell him you are on your own This is what is going on in america. He will have no place to live and no one that can give him financial assistance, such as friends and banks. He will have to find housing, food and find a job with those funds.
    If he does not have any minor children with him on that corner government financial assistance is not an option.

    The government will feed him a meager amount. This is the greatest country on earth and it’s citizens should definetly, have food in their bellies. Romney will need an address to get these food stamps now called the snap benefits. Supplemental Nutritional assistance program. Supplemental ssistance meaning not total assistance just some help. He will need transportation to get to inteviews depending on where he is to start this journey. If it happens in a rural area, he is screwed. Without a car he can only get a job where his feet will carry him. Buses are a option if you live in a big city, and they are not free to job seekers.

    While romney is seeking employment,he cannot have more education and experience than the average american, or even just a HS diploma and no experience. Also, another scenario is age. How old will romeny be during this quest for employment? How about making him middle age, recent HS graduate, a woman, a minority person, a person with disabilities, a veteran, lgbt, and what about not attractive; all of these things factor into your ability to find work. If you think racisim is dead.;think again obama is disespected by the press, rightwingers and anyone who feels like making him know that he is a black man in this society and that even though you are a alpha male head of the most powerful country,; whites are still superior to you and they do not have to respect you or the office of president.

    Now is this happens to the potus, what is the average black joe experiencing. Also, all of the others who, do not fall into the single white male category.

    The country is a melting pot of everyone, and that is how we got be great. The top 1% hoarding all of the weatlh is not acceptable.

    1. When you get your “free” health care you can find a doc that will extract your cranium from your rectum. Or you might want to go to Cuba- Michael Moron claims they have the very best health care. And while you are there, plan to stay- we don’t need weeds like you in the Land of the Free.

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