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Pelosi Fast n’ Delirious


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. The past is chock full of insignificant scum like pelosi. If she is remembered for anything, it will be for more debt than ANY other Speaker in history!

  2. it is fortunate that the governemnt lost track of some of the guns in the “fast and furious” operation, which was started by bush. Yes, obama continued it but, all the documents pertaining to the time frame of the incident were turned over. The documents wanted are not relevant. As a matter of principle and law, which is my assement these documents are not required to be turned over. The Gop seems to want to stir up doubt and suspision of wrong doing. Obama envoked executive priviledge to stop the maddness;however it has continued.

    Hopefully, the family of the slain victim can see through the politics. The man would have been killed anyway sadly, whether with a gun by the Mexicans or the guns from the “fast and furious’ operation. Just as it is sad when a soldier dies due to friendly fire, it is equally said when someone dies due to the efforts of criminal activities.

    This further expresses the need to control the violence near the border as it relates to the Mexican gun problem.

    We can only pray for the family as they grieve. As to the racism comment I do not feel that it is an attack on Holder being an African-American he is just one guy of many it is an attack on the Presidency, due to the disdain for the President of the United States.

    Holders’ actions due to the disenfranchisement of African-Americans would be upheld by any Attorney General Obama appoints black or white. The AG gets his orders from the president.

    1. You are not stating facts here. The Bush program “Wide Receiver” ended when Bush’s DOJ found out that the bad guys where removing the GPS tracers from the weapons.(No U.S.Citizen was killed).

      Obama’s DOJ started a new program called “Fast n’ Furious” with no GPS tracers installed and just let the weapons into mexico with no way to track them.(U.S.Border Agent Brian Terry was killed along with many Mexican citizens).

    2. Voice: Your ignorance of the F and F program is staggering; you fail to even recognize the significance of your own statement that the AG takes orders from the President. Liberal logic like this serves only to boggle the mind

    3. Disembodied Voice, you lack good reason and sense. Would you say the same if it was your relative that was slain? 600 Mexicans and the life of one American Border Patrol agent are not enough for the liberal lunacy!

  3. So-o-o good, Tony! Your depiction of Pelosi is spot on. There is a bumper sticker around with a caricature of Pelosi and the words “TIME TO PUT NANA IN THE HOME!”

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