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Obama to Earth


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Tony I didn’t know that space aliens had big ears! I also noticed that BO’s planet is void of life.

  2. According to him it IS fine. It’s right where he needs it to be to implement socialism.

  3. Very, very funny Tony. I have a question…? If the sky is the limit how in the world did we land on the moon…? LOL

    Great job as always Tony.

  4. no matter how many racist comments, cartoons, as to Obama is out of touch implying is is not an American or does not understand things because of his race. It has nothing to do with a nice guy who just does not know what he is doing the implications are much deeper.

    These code comments playing to the racist southern and mid-west white americans with limited education is sad.
    Anyone with half a brain can see that the republicans have lost their minds. They will do anything to regain power, even trashing the economy, country and this current president. Obama got into the white house ” on the sneak tip”. No one saw him coming. He was a new senator and community organizer, professor of constitutional law. If, there was the slightest thought he had a chance the birther stuff, and the muslim comments would have kept him from being elected. There were comments but, it was too little to late.

    If a repbulican candiate who makes comments like ” in sport” is a man of the people i will eat my hat. This guy will cut, cut, cut until there is nothing left. Austerity measures as this did not work in the European countries, so what can he do for america or as he would say “amercia”. Nothing, but create more debt and squeeze the middle class into a a desert of poverty. This guy is a vampire. Vulture capitalist is a nice name for it. He will suck us dry until we are just walking zombies’, without money, homes and jobs;however the budget will be balanced. Those with substanial savings and what they consider secure employment might say fine. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It, can and will eventually.

    So hate the Black man, because that is what this is about. Voter purges, disenfranchisment, and limiting voter registration periods. Sabatoging the economy to get out the Black man is insane. Constantly doing the some thing over and over is an example of insanity when you are expecting a different result. I am pretty sure he will be re-elected again; Then what will the do nothing congress do. If they ease up and begin to compromise their agenda will be verified as a hate campaign against obama.Hum, a perplexing dilemma for the morons, but this is what they do.

    People do not want welfare, it does not exist anymore. Only if a minor child is in the home can a person get a meagar amount of money. If a single person needs help they are screwed. If the unemployment is over 8% that means there is not a job for everyone. No matter how hard you try some people will not have a job. Generational welfare is over. The imprisionment of Blacks and Latinos automatically makes them ineligable for benefits. They are screwed and what do they do,commit crimes in order to survive. Which promotes the prison industrial complex, and employs , whites in rural areas. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Incarcerated people cannot vote, get employment, yeah sounds fishy to me. One-hundred and twenty dollars a month is not an incentive to multiply. Where do you live. Wake up people, but maybe this is falling on a death ear, or i may be preaching to the choir.

    Jobs is the answer. Building or the roads, bridges, damns and greens energy will give us the money we need to purchase. Purchasing stimulates the economy and the money will circulate to everyone.

    Morons who do not understand how things work only make ignorant cartoons and comment positively on them.

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