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Obama Got Back


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Unfortunately you are preaching to the choir. Even if liberals looked at your cartoon and/or web site, the liberals are in such denial that your web site and cartoons would not make the slightest impression on them.

  2. For the left,only CONSERVATIVE wealthy individuals are evil. If you are successful in sports, movies, or TV and contribute to Obama’s campaign… he’ll stand by your side. Unemployment for minorities is ignored while entitlements increase. Great job, Antonio!

  3. The Obama legacy.
    Years 1 & 2 Obama creates National health care instead of creating jobs.
    Obama raises the national debt by $5 trillion dollars.
    Obama touts green jobs knowing that green energy costs 7X the amount of fossil fuels.
    Years 3&4 Obama destroys the American military by doing away with don’t ask don’t tell allowing Gays to serve openly.
    Obama says no to the Keystone XL pipeline which would have created 20,000 American jobs instantly.
    Obama says Gays should be allowed to marry.
    Obama gives amnesty & green cards to 800,000 illegal aliens giving them American jobs knowing that there are 25 million Americans out of work!
    There are 47 million people on food stamps up 50% since Obama took office.
    The unemployment rate is 8.2 % in real life it’s 22% with 25 million people out of work!
    And to all of you saying Obama saved GM – GM still owes the American taxpayers 20 billion dollars!!!

  4. Another good one, Tony. Even with all Obama does to keep them down, the black popluation still like this illegal alien that poses as President. One would think they would have wised up to him by now. I hope some of them will before November!

  5. This is ridiculous Adelson and koch have contributed more money than was obtained at that dinner. Romney is haing out with Trump He is definitely not a poor man.

    Obama is helping all Americans, if he tried to help blacks only he would be “riden out of town on a rail”

    Please get your statistics correct the number of miniority blacks unemployed especially including the youth is more like over 35%. Blacks trust obama will do what is best for the country and hope that all benefit from his policies.

    This lame attempt to alienate blacks from obama is lacking integrity and facts. Try this on someone with half a brain.

    1. Voice,
      I think you’ve outgrown your usefulness here. Comment after comment spouting nothing but Obama 2012 talking points in Kool-aid-drunken rants.

      Most have simply started ignoring your propaganda-style messaging. The rest are simply in wonder that anyone could be that “in-the-tank” for Obama.

      Maybe critical thinking isn’t something you’re capable of. Or perhaps you just don’t want to consider the truth. That could be why you find this site so problematic and spend hours a day trolling the posts (kinda sad really).

      Your inability to come to terms with your own twisted logic is evident as you hide behind a pseudonym. Most of us use our real names as we stand behind what we say.

      You aren’t debating or starting real conversations. You aren’t adding to political discourse. There’s really no value to you being here. We can get those same talking points from MSNBC (which you also vehemently defend as a trusted media source). *shaking head*

      1. First of all your reason for my existence is not something i live for. I have the name of voice because in this great country there is freedom of speech.

        Your racist tendencies are evident in kool-aid type remarks. If you think this will deter me think again.
        People have been mistreated in the country in the worst possible ways based on race.

        I do not troll the site for hours. I have the intelligence to have a attended a prominent university, not Devry. i can write comments without writing them down on paper. I just write off the top of my head. When, if get angry and I have every right to especially when I deal with those of limited intellect; i can lose it a bit. Hey, It took me three minutes or less to write this. I guess you have think write, edit, write, edit, get out a dictionary, thesaurus, confer with friends, check a encyclopedia, almanc and prepare for hours for your comments. Fortunately, i have been bless with above average intelligence and can comunicate at a much high level than yourself, and can even to stoop to your level if need be. God Bless America and God Bless Barrack Hussein Obama. Watch good news at MSNBC the truth will set you free.

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