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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Okay nixon was impeached because he was lied and was trying to get dirt on his predecessor, hence the watergate tapes revealed conspiracy, exposed by deep throat. Obama will not be impeached from this, wishful thinking. Holder may not want a second term as AG, but he will not be held in comtempt, because this is an abuse of power by the republicans.

    The GOP has been accused of going after Holder because he is stopping voter suppression, supporting the defense of marriage act and the immigration laws implemented by obama. I feel they would go after anybody who does anything to support Obama, black, white , green or blue. Obama knows the law and he can enact whatever executive priviledges he feels neccessary. Reviewing documents after the fact which are irrelevant sparked obams’ decision to envoke executive priviledge.

    Bush, started the fast and furious and a trooper was killed. this is very alarming, but finding those guns used by the cartels seemed pretty important. The 2nd amendment is in tact and nothing concering this cannot interfere with that right. It is ludacris to think that it can.

    The NRA are wusses. They cry every time guns are mentioned. No one wants to stop gun rights., everyone wants the right to bare arms, when they find it necessary. AK-47’s to kill a deer is extreme, but i don’t think people wanted to hunt with them, therefore it should have been allowed, because you never know.

    It was to keep the government in check. The brown shirts in this country, hum. Occupy was shutdown, very fast. The guys in the white shirts came in. hum.The wild
    west is not going to happen. Leave the 2nd amendment alone.

    1. It amazes me sometimes, just how uninformed people on the left are, and Dangerously so.

      1. nothing is more dangerous than a party of crazies, such as birthers, teabaggers and extreme right fanatics who insist the president is a muslim. Yikes, these people are not even questioned by their own party. Just recently Jeb spoke out. He seems to be the only one. Why? he is not running for anything.

        1. “voice,” your mommy says it’s time for beddie-bye. Grab your blankie and your teddy, and don’t forget to take your meddy.

        2. “…party of crazies, such as birthers, teabaggers and extreme right fanatics…”

          Here’s a tip: if one can’t make their point without resorting to labels and name-calling to carry the argument (‘They’re wrong because they’re all crazies, birthers, teabaggers, etc”, perhaps one should re-evaluate whether or not one actually has a point.

          In this case, methinks not.

    2. to voice,
      number 1- you’re ill informed. bush did not start fast and furious.
      number 2- they don’t need to TRY and trace or track the guns, they have known for a long time exactly where they are. this is a crap ploy to try and make a case against arizona and they’re gun laws.
      number 3- if he’s not a muslim, why did he come out and say that we are not a christian nation, then go have a day of prayer with the muslim community?
      number 4- i don’t believe any branch of this government should have any kind of executive privelege, especially when those actions requiring an e.p. got an american protector killed. this government answers to us, at least it did. it is time we start making those at the highest ranks of this country accountable for their actions. think about it, if you have a job, you usually answer to someone [save the self-employed]. these people are MANDATED THROUGH THE CONSTITUTION to answer to us. screw obama and all politicians.

  2. Nice try, “voice.” Your paycheck from the Re-Elect Obama Committee is in the mail. Not only are you are a complete liar, but you have taken the Blame-Everything-On-Bush tactic to a new low. Although your grammar and punctuation are below third-grade level and make your rambling prattle almost incomprehensible, trying to claim Bush started Fast & Furious is a bigger whopper than even the Obama campaign has come out with, and reveals how disturbingly delusional you are.

    By the way, if you think Nixon was impeached, you need to look at a history book; only two presidents—Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton—were ever impeached (but both were acquitted by the senate and neither one was removed). And, unlike with Fast & Furious, when Nixon lied, nobody died.

    1. Well said.

      Nixon at least had the dignity to resign.

      Clinton was (is) a shameless pig of a politician and lost his morals and dignity long, long ago.

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