Embattled Wisconsin Governor Wins Recall as Stars Align Above

Union supporters gather to protest embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in front of Madison Capitol. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

As Venus crosses the sun, the political stars too seemed to align for embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who survived a special recall election in his state Tuesday. Walker trounced opponent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 53-46, crushing the labor unions along with him.

Big labor had been angry with the Governor ever since he passed legislation to reform labor pensions and stripped the unions of their bargaining rights as a measure to control deficit spending in the state. Since then the labor unions have launched a costly recall effort over the past 18 months that culminated bitterly on Tuesday.

The outcome, though striking was not apparent on the ground in Madison amongst those gathered to protest. An Occupy Wall Street style gathering occurred at the steps of the state capitol before the polls closed, with many of the same themes as previous Occupy protests around the country, including French themed signs, drum circles and shouts of “This is what democracy looks like!”

See exclusive video of the scene below.

Protesting union supporters talk about why they voted to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.


Libertarian voter explains his view.


Retired Firefighter joins protest, explains why he voted to oust Governor.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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