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Amnesty for Votes


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. TODAY’s A.F.Branco cartoon… Obama is so desperate that he is again side stepping the U.S. Constitution to advance his fledgling campaign and socialist agenda.. I Wonder how all the unemployed U.S.Citizens and in debt collage students feel about this new dictate handed down by the supreme ruler, if they’re honest.

  2. another perfect commentary –

    Can we please impeach/arrest/detain/remove/try/jail this usurper yet?

    I mean seriously, how many felonies will it take before people wake up already?

  3. I remember when Reagan signed that huge blanket amnesty: based on the agreement from Congress that “they” would fix the porous border problem, and prevent any future illegal immigration. Ever since then, Democrats have done whatever they could to insure that illegal immigration remains their own little “vote-farming” industry.

  4. If anyone is fishing it is the republican party; hey they will do and say anything to regain power. Romney lacks integrity and stands for nothing. He is the biggest panderer in American history. Master of the flip flop and lies, inability to answer simple questions with-out making a gaffe; look up in the sky it is romney. He is Panderer. I can see just flying around with seamus on his back. I am tired of seeing these inept candidates for presidency and vice president the gop keeps presenting americans. GOP candiaes lack integrity and they will
    put forth anybody, that they feel can win the election.; no matter how incompetent. Palin is the perfect exaqmple of this as well as romeny.

    the potus was a constitutional law professor. The constitution it self is not a complicated document and is not lengthy; anyone with half a brain can read and study it and have a real understanding of it’s purpose and how it relates to americans. A graduate from a ivy league university and president of the harvard law review would have a clear understanding the constitution and all of its components.

    The fact that people feel obama is incompetent is purely racial. He has a superior IQ.;He is confdent and does not seem like he does not know what he is doing. Obama is decisive, pragmatic and a strong leader; ask bin laden? oh, he is dead. Also, Irans’ nucleur program has been set back; through the use of a worm. Yes, we did not have to spend trillions going into the country with ground troops. The use of drone strikes to limit physical presence in foriegn countries.;that seems pretty frugal to me.

    Obama can get votes on merit. He has a record to compare with his predessor. If, he wanted votes, one would think he would not wait until after the election to fulfill a promise of citizenship. Currently Obama does not owe the immigrants anything. Immigrants can vote for whom they choose. The GOP and the cartoon is putting the “cart before the horse” This type of blind racism is laugable. Peoople are not thinking and are just fueled by hate and rational thoughts are eluding the right wing.

    There is practically no one sneaking in across the border,due to new measures and federal funding to eliminate this problem. It is smart to make these people citizens so you know exactly who is in the country. We must know who is here so that we can protect the country. Yes, those with limited education are not aware of the possiblilites of terrorism, pandamics and future revenue these people can bring to the country. Most likely they will have jobs no one wants, maids, nannies, sleep in domestic help, office cleaning, picking fruit in the hot sun of 80-102 degrees. Those who have been to college with their own sweat, not obtaining loans or scholarships can bring needed doctors, engineers and nurses, to america.

    You can bet this is constitutional.; obama is adhering to the rules of the “for fathers”,and no one can counter anything constitutional. All humane issues need to be enforeced in terms of non-discrimination.
    People feeling that so much true practicing of our governments greatest piece of legal content is frowned upoun; the reason is the inability of practicing racism with impunity.

    Obama is the greatest president in terms of the ability to interpret and enforce the law. Eventually, the partisan voting going on in the supreme count will come to an end.

    Thoms, Alito, Roberts are puppets for the GOP. Instead of finding consitutionally of law, they are invoking their personal opionion, because if you analyze, how the voiting is split it is constantly all republican all the time. Previously there was a mix of the votes with republicans and democrats. One could also say that the democrats are not practicing true constituional interpretation of law, ; if you really read these issues it is democrats involving in true law.

    The gop is trying to disenfranchise many african-american votes, and other minorities. This type of voter suppresion is shameful. only a small percentage of the population cast votes and thngs should easy for those who want to vote.The request of the amendment, which require no federal money to enforce the voting rights act of 1965 racial and voter suppression. The gop is trying to eliminate all competion.;at first it was women, the minoirites and then the unions. The Grand Ole Party is a mess of a party, lowered to cheap tricks and the quest to gain power at all costs.

    1. Obviously Voice you dont get on the internet very often, because if you did you would know that most people will not actually read any post over a few lines..Just reading the first line of this monster tells me there is no point in reading the rest of it…You started off lying and common sense tells me they only continue…

  5. This is all the Rino’s fault. They had eight years to get this right and they friggin blew it. The Rino’s put this card right into the dummies hand.

    Besides what in the world did everyone expect Obama to do after “I don’t know what i’m doing on the economy speech” the other day. He had to play this trump card to cover up that nightmare of a speech.

    Folks after we get rid of this Fascist of a President, we must get rid of the Rino’s that run with these dummies.

    While people like “Voice” drink the kool-aide I’ll have the “TEA”

    Tony my friend your work is awesome. What you do the beat is bring the “TRUTH” to your work.

    Ciao Bronx

    1. I like kool-aid, organic juices and veggies and racist coments like that is why you right wingers do not need to regain the white house ever again. I could not be critized for my comments on content alone. An idiot felt he must try to debase me and any other person with an objection to your point of view.

      It is too bad, maybe the deportation racist nuts is not a prerequiste for being shipped off to a foreign land.If you are not a native american, you are just someone who played unfairly, in a war against them.
      The giving of native americans blankets, infected with small pox, which they have on immunity. Also, any other disease you brought from Europe when you got off the boats you burned so that you could not return to the desolate, place in which you orginated.

      your wealth was gained from free help. Yes, the slaves.
      After, going to africa and threatening chiefs, and slso their were some to stupid to know that a few items (trinkits- sound familar ) were not worth the price. Since they got rid of their pows, which were a liablility to the chiefs it did seem like a win win.;until the population of the chiefs people were diminishing rapidly and the relatives of the chief,; yes, royalty were stolen as well.

      Thieves, is what got this country going. Now by no means is this not the greatest country in the world, but is was started by thieves. The demise of the country will be by the same; Theives in banking and the rich 1%, put that in your trailer park and smoke it.

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